Mavs Parsons: Growth (And Not In Waist Line)

DALLAS - I've had fun with my 'Piggy' thing. More fun that Rick had, for sure. In my late night delirium of the win over Boston I forgot to have my fun and to write anything about Chandler Parsons so here goes ...

Chandler Parsons' work in the win over Boston on Monday?

That's more like it.

"Our Little Piggy'' is becoming a man right before our eyes. (There's a pig bar mitzvah joke in there somewhere but I'll leave that for the next Woody Allen movie.) Chandler Parsons has delivered three straight 20+ point performances and is definitely looking like the dude we got all excited about (shout out D-Mo holla at your boy).

Parsons' three with 2:43 left in the game that put the Dallas Mavericks up eight was the loudest the AAC got on that night. For a dude his size he's absolute nitro in transition. A guy with that 6-9-or-so length shouldn't have that kind of handle and balance on his way to a 29-point night. Yet, on the season as Dallas has started 3-1 ... He's averaging five drives to the basket a game and that's generating 7.8 points on average. Let's take out the season-opener against the Spurs for a look at what Parsons' numbers would look like:

FG% 25/44 for a .568 percentage
3FG% 7/14 for a .500 percentage
4.6 rebounds per game
23.3 points per game

That'll do, Piggy. That'll do nicely.

“You know, it is the fourth game of the season and we’re not perfect,'' said Parsons. "We still have room to improve.''

He was talking about Dallas' bad habit of failing to hold onto big leads. But he might as well have been talking about himself, too. He's not perfect. But these last three games will do.

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