Monday Mavs Donuts: Tyson The Workout Wonder

Monday Mavs Donuts: Tyson The Workout Wonder ... Catching up with Jason Collins and Wang Zhizhi ... If you are a Canadian star, I predict you end up being a Canadian star for a Canadian team ... The Mavs' roster at a financial glance, with Trix in the rear-view ... Eat your Donuts!

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DONUT 1: TY, Workout Wonder ... The Dallas Mavericks and their fans already suspect they know what they have in Tyson Chandler.

But more evidence is welcome, and old friend Rob Mahoney, now at SI, breaks down what Tyson Chandler brings to the table. And I think we can all agree, it is substantial.

Barring, God forbid, TY himself actually breaking down.
To that end, TY seems to be showing himself off as a workin'-out maniac.
DONUT 2: A Wang problem ...

A take of how old Mavs pal Wang Zhizhi is getting hosed in his native China.

DONUT 3: Oh, Canada ...

We're probably nearing the official legal completion of the blockbuster that will send Kevin Love from Minnesota to Cleveland with prized rookie Andrew Wiggins leaving the Cavs.

And Wiggins is apparently pleased about it.

"When all this trade stuff started, I talked to Andrew and Andrew told me, 'I hope I get traded,'" Kansas' Bill Self -- Wiggins' college coach -- told Dave Skretta of The Associated Press: "And I'm like, 'No you don't.' And he said, 'Coach, I do. It's better for me, knowing my personality and what I need to do, to go somewhere where I'm forced to be something as opposed to going in there where they're going to be patient with me and I'm going to be a piece.' [...]

"Even though in a weird way everybody would love the opportunity to play with LeBron because you're guaranteed winning," Self said, "for the longevity of his career, he needs to develop that mindset to be the guy, for him to be great, and I think being [in] Minnesota will help him do that."

There is a catch to Wiggins-as-star-T'Wolf -- such things never last long in this league of have and have-not cities. Oh, maybe Canadian native Wiggins falls in love with the Twin Cities, finds the people to be lovely and finds the weather to be inviting ...
Wait. He's from Canada?

Wiggins won't stay in Minny. He'll eventually become a Raptor, right?

Isn't that the only way for the have-nots to survive? To either create some sort of a hometown bond (Malone in Utah, Duncan in San Antonio) or to take advantage of a God-given one?

Some day, Andrew Wiggins will play for the Toronto Raptors. Book this.

DONUT 4: Screwed by Houston? ...

As the Mavs embark on their rivalry with the hated Rockets, Did the NBA schedule-makers put the screws to Dallas in the head-to-head matchups with Houston?

DONUT 5: It worked for Jon Hamm ...

The Kings have signed a 7-5, 350-pound center named Sim Bhullar, the first NBA player of Indian descent. This is not a Jon Hamm-like baseball discovery (see "Million-Dollar Arm'') Bhullar is a known commodity, having played at New Mexico State and in the NBA Summer League. I'm also not sure he's not as much "gimmick'' as he is "prospect'' -- and by the way, as you know from my connection with and belief in all thing Texas Legends, I certainly don't have a problem with that.


“I’ve long believed that India is the next great frontier for the NBA, and adding a talented player like Sim only underscores the exponential growth basketball has experienced in that nation,” said Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé in a statement. “While Sim is the first player of Indian descent to sign with an NBA franchise, he represents one of many that will emerge from that region as the game continues to garner more attention and generate ever-increasing passion among a new generation of Indian fans.”

Aha. Ranadivé's inclusion of the interest in mining the fan base in India is honest and important. ... and again, from a business and marketing sense, a troke of genius.

Whether Sim Bhullar can play a lick or or not.

DONUT 6: NBA union playing card ...

Next time the NBA Players Association finds itself in a labor dispute, maybe it should point out that Donald Sterling purchased the Clippers in 1981 for $12.5 million, squatted on the franchise for 23 years without lifting a relative financial finger to make the team competitive while surfing on a lease to play in another team's arena ... and then sold the franchise -- when it would figure that circumstances would make it highly unattractive for him to do so -- for $2 billion.

And the players don't share in any of that increase.

Now, the players don't take the same financial risk as the owners do, as with any owner of a company vs. his employees. And the players are, indeed, employees -- though their salaries make them "near-partners'' and their individual-case treatment (or attitudes) make them that, too.

Of course, the players won't win much ground using this argument only because the players rarely win any ground in such debates.

But they should file it away for a rainy day. And try it next time, because so little of what they've traditionally argued works, anyway.

DONUT 7: 41 home, 41 away ...

The Mavs schedule and analysis of it? has you covered here!

DONUT 8: Trix to Cleveland ...

While some Dallas Mavericks fans are still grappling with the question of why Shawn Marion couldn't find a way to stay here - a question asked and answered in detail by weeks ago - Marion long ago moved on mentally.

And now one of the heroes of the 2011 NBA title team has moved on physically as well, Marion having agreed to a vet's-minimum deal to join the Cavs.

This is a ring chase and good for Marion, who has never been one to rob himself of a good time. ... And playing alongside LeBron James will surely be that.

During exit interviews after the team's playoff ouster, he talked jubilantly about his offseason plans to visit Dubai, his wish to go to Brazil for the World Cup, his invitation to all to join him in Chicago for a Blackhawks game -- "Hockey at the United Center is the best sporting event you will ever see, I promise you!'' he said -- and his desire to live in both Dallas and Chicago in order to spend time with his new baby son, Shawn David Marion. (Not to be confused with daddy, who is Shawn Dwayne Marion.)
"I'm looking at maybe two, a couple of more (years of playing in the NBA),'' he said. "I think I'm going to have to call it after that. I think it'll be time. It's not all about basketball. I have a son now. A lot of it is predicated on him."

Usually, when a player approaches free agency -- especially a player with a Hall-of-Fame resume coming off a season in which he was paid $9.3 million -- a lot of things are predicated on money, too.

"Not much,'' 'Trix answered when asked about the money it would take to bring him back to Dallas.

Marion, 36, made it clear that championship contention means more to what he termed his "legacy'' that one final huge payday does.

He'll now make $1.4 mil - not much of a payday for a uniquely great talent. But it is a great payoff for a great Mav.

"(Dallas) is a great city,'' Marion said at season's end. "The fans here are amazing, even media guys are awesome. It's a great environment here. Mark and Donnie have built an amazing franchise here. It's like a family here. ... I would love to add to the ring I have. I'm going to retire here, regardless. I'm going to be a Dallas local here in the coming years. I'm going to make this my home."

Dallas will be the eventual and permanent home. Cleveland is now Shawn Marion's new and temporary home.

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DONUT 9: Collins' second life ...
Bay Area columnist Marcus Thompson tells the story of Jason Collins' post-NBA career, which includes a recounting of his experience at a recent NBA seminar to introduce rookie players to the league.

Collins, the first openly gay active player in major pro team sports, was discussing the need for change in locker-room language when a player asked a question.

"I had to explain what LGBT stands for," Collins said, adding calmly, "It's all about education and exposure. Some guys have had no education and exposure to the LGBT community."

As Thompson writes: Collins isn't just advocating for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. He's championing opportunity for the underprivileged, encouragement for the broken, better eating habits for kids.

DONUT 10: Hi, Chuck ...

Charles Barkley talks a great deal of how he might want to run for governor or be an NBA general manager. But truly, every time our spies spot him in Dallas -- which is a lot recently -- we see him in his natural environment:

Holding court at a saloon.

That was the case again Friday, Chuck hanging out at The Mansion Bar. And there's nothing wrong with this; I've held up a few bars myself. It's just that Barkley is kidding himself if he thinks he'd ever give up the charmed life we lead as media folks for the actual work involved in running a state ... or even a franchise.

Party on, Chuck.

DONUT 11: Roster dollars and sense ...

Our David Lord helps you keep score at home, with the roster at this point, including 2014-2015 dollars:


Assorted notes on what we're seeing here:

*The players from Aminu and down are all minimum salary players. Some have more salary that's paid by the NBA. There are some budget buys in there, and of course that begins with Dirk's considerable hometown discount.

*In my estimation, the top 12 are definitely going to be on the opening day roster (barring an unexpected trade, of course), and if Rashard Lewis is eventually signed, I consider him a lock, too. (As Fish reported long ago, the Mavs would love for Lewis to conduct his rehab in Dallas, under their watchful eye, and maybe circle back to this roster when ready.)

*I believe the rest (Johnson, Lamb, Ledo, Mekel, Griffin) are on the bubble with varying risk of not making the 15. Of that group, certainly the organization would prefer that Ledo becomes a success story.

*The Mavs presently have 17 players, going on 18. They can only carry 15. ... but the training-camp list can grow to 20.
*Can the extra bodies simply be part of getting work done in practice, or can they foreshadow trade talks?

The Mavs habitually like to let their roster grow organically once they get to camp, to see not only how players perform but also as they bond. Still, the answers to that last question are "yes'' and "yes.''

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12: The Final Word ...

"My whole career,'' Chandler Parsons says, "people have doubted me. They didn’t think I could go [Division I], they didn’t think I’d be drafted and I was a second-round pick. But I’ve always kind of been that underdog.”

As I suggest here, given that "Chandsome'' is a Team USA finalist, the winner of the $16-mil-a-year lottery and dining with a Kardashian, he might want to dump the 'underdog' schtick.

Meanwhile, given the fact that over the weekend some Houston-based underwear-clad girl posted a picture of his sexting on Twitter, Chandsome might also want to ask his boss about something called "CyberDust.''

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