Mavs Dirk: 'Looking For Freedom' Video

That Dirk Nowitzki/David Hasselhoff thing continues to chase The UberMan. To his credit, the Mavs icon doesn't run away from it ... but rather, plunges headfirst into it.

Dirk Nowitzki is on a promotional tour in Germany to let the world know about the documentary "'Nowitzki. Der Perfekte Wurf'' ("The Perfect Shot'') starring the Dallas Mavericks superstar. This means Dirk must appear on TV talk shows. (And bring his buddies on tour with him in Germany, as you can see in the photo below.) Which means he must go along with the old story of how young Dirk once said he calmed himself at the free-throw line by singing to himself.


And the one song that popped into his head when describing the habit?

“Looking for Freedom,” a late-'80's hit performed by David Hasselhoff, who with his German surname and "Baywatch'' stardom was pretty cool in 1989 ... especially when his song topped the German charts for months ... but is decidedly retro-uncool now ... which is why Dirk's association with him is so funny.

But Dirk plays along ... and plays:

I have a feeling Dirk is actually looking for freedom from being associated with "Looking For Freedom.'' But he's not only a great sportsman; he's also a good sport.

So play on, Dirk.

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