Mavs Donuts: Parsons On 'Grinding' + 'Dirt'

DALLAS - Who wants free tickets? ... Chandler Parsons and I discuss 'grinding' - and have a bit of a misunderstanding ... Charlie V's perspective ... Should Dallas keep Jameer's minutes way down? ... The Mavs get ready for preseason game No. 2 against the visiting Thunder and has you covered with Friday Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: The Big Lead

An early theme with Chandler Parsons' teaming up with Dallas Mavericks is the way coach Rick Carlisle plans to help drive him to another level. ... sometimes to the point of well-intentioned irritation.

That is the point of my questions to Chandler Parsons -- as I use the term "grinding'' -- and then misunderstanding ensues as "Chandsome'' also talks about his (relative) disinterest in Dallas night life, the secret to team chemistry, and more ...

DONUT 2: OKC in tonight

It's a 7:30 p.m. tip at the AAC (on TXA21 and ESPN 103.3 Radio) and we'll have our eyes on two veteran newcomers trying to make a difference: Charlie Villanueva, who has been terrific in camp but has a non-guaranteed contract, making his battle for a roster spot an uphill one; and Richard Jefferson, who has been struggling with an illness, which restricted his time Tuesday against the Rockets (he didn't play until the fourth quarter) and has limited a chance to get a true look at him.

Said Charlie V: “I’ve never been in this situation before, being in the league nine years. But sometimes you have to take two steps back to take three forward. So, I don’t take anything back. You know, everything happened the way that it did. It is what it is, and now I’ve got to build myself up and reinvent myself again. It’s not a problem. I’m actually looking forward to the opportunity.''

In Jefferson's case, he should've fit in San Antonio. He really should've. But he never did. The same becomes true here, now, in terms of a positive potential fit ... and we look forward to seeing evidence of it.

DONUT 3: Injury update

No panic. Largely being careful. But the Mavs will keep the lid on Monta Ellis tonight and Sunday with a left knee sprain. Meanwhile, Dirk Nowitzki (right hip) is a no-go for tonight, even though he did go through some non-contact practice stuff on Thursday. Smile

Dirk might, however, play in Sunday's AAC game against the visiting Pacers, which is a 6:30 tip. ... oh, and by the way, is giving away a pair of lower-bowl tickets to that game ... if you want to see if you won, check it out here on Boards!

DONUT 4: Follow our action live

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DONUT 5: Accidental disrespect

The Spurs' Danny Green's Holocaust "selfie'' is unwise and disrespectful. The apology is swift and sincere.

I vote that we learn from it, rather than continue the public flogging of the kid. What say you?

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DONUT 8: Double meaning

When Mark Cuban says he's looking forward to Tim Duncan "blessing us with those words'' about his retirement, the Mavs boss is thinking about a double meaning.

One, of course, he'd like to show respect to the classy enemy by throwing a retirement ceremony in Duncan's final game at the AAC, whenever that will be ... and he feels the same way about frienemies Steve Nash and Jason Terry.


But let's be frank: The other reason to root for a retirement ceremony is ... so that decades-long pain in Dallas' ass is ... retired.

DONUT 9: Quoteboard

Well, the big "quote'' making the rounds has Parsons saying the city of Houston is "dirty.'' And that's not exactly right. And the reason kmows it's not exactly right is because the guy who conducted the "dirty'' interview is's own Ben Eenigenburg.

I think we've had so much stuff flying around here with the start of the season that we didn't even realize we were the guys who got this thing rolling ... so here's Ben with Parsons:

As you can see and hear, Chandler isn't trying to be a jerk here, and Ben certainly isn't baiting him into saying something inflammatory. Just two guys talking ... and Parsons really intending to say something nice about Dallas rather than something crummy about Houston.


The Heat and the Cavs are in Brazil and have been instructed that the "3-Goggles'' is offensive there.

I hate to break this to you, but unless Chandler Parsons is doing it, the 3-Goggles is offensive here, too.

DONUT 11: High expectations, low minutes

This is a time for optimism ... but also for honest opinions based on analysis: From our David Lord:

Jameer Nelson has never been a big minutes guy, and it's been about four or five years since he's been a highly-efficient shooter. His problem is that his shot from distance has become iffy, which allows teams to sag off him, reducing significantly his opportunity to penetrate and finish.

The role I foresee with the Mavs is probably ideal for him, as he won't be required to play heavy minutes and he'll have lots of other threats to space the floor for his outside shooting. But whether that will translate into him being ideal for the Mavs is a different question, and one that I have lots of doubts about. He's a munchkin and that's not a size that has historically shown to stay effective much after 30 (he turns 33 in February).

DONUT 12: The Final Word


"I'm here trying to earn a spot. I don't want anything given to me. Gotta keep grinding, every day.'' -- Charlie Villanueva.

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