Mavs Donuts: The Agony And The Ecstasy

Top 10 Mavs plays from 2013-14, a video review. .... Three Mavs-ish reasons to watch the World Cup ... When's Nuclear Winter coming? ... Jet's a Rocket ... The Agony And The Ecstasy of Dallas drafting ... Tuesday Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: The World Cup ...

I admit, it isn't my bag. The Dallas Mavericks are how I get my hoops fill, so I don't have a great deal of interest in, say, Lithuania, Finland and Turkey.
Unless, maybe, Lithuania, Finland and Turkey play with some sort of Mavs ties. Which they do.

Seibutis (pictured) plays for Lithuania. Kopenen plays for Finland. Prelzdic plays for Turkey. These are names from the past (in the case of Prelzdic, the recent past of the "Blair-For-Air'' deal) but they are on a different stage and maybe in a different stage of evaluation, too.

As our David Lord notes, the World Cup offers a bit of independent feedback on the ability of foreign players, and a chance to see if stash-and-sign players are at a level of being able to play for their national team.

The Mavs own draft rights to these three foreign players, still. They are good enough to be playing in the World Cup; does that mean they are still good enough to develop?

Stash-and-sign is a great draft move if you stash young players that in time become NBA quality. If they don't, then not much value. It remains to be seen if any of the above will ever be NBA'ers.

The most recent Mav stash-and-sign that eventually became an NBA'er? That would be Nick Calathes, who they were kind of right on. Unfortunately, the Mavs gained nothing in the process, as they used a second-rounder to draft Calathes and then traded him away on his NBA arrival for another second-rounder, essentially choosing Gal Mekel over him.

On second thought, I can't bear to watch.

DONUT 2: Mavs highlight reel ...

The NBA says these are the top 10 Mavs plays from 2013-14. Do you concur?

DONUT 3: When's Nuclear Winter coming? ...

I'm open to an education here. So educate me:

Why do so many people think Dallas "overpaid'' for Chandler Parsons?

Could the Mavs have gotten him more cheaply? Not definitively. Will he produce on par with his $14.7-mil salary? Ah, that's not definitive, either, but ...

Tell me why it matters?

Tell me what the penalty is for paying him $14.7 mil instead of, say, $11.7 mil? How does it handcuff Dallas in the future? How does it lead to Cap Armageddon, to Nuclear Winter, to a financial implosion that precludes Dallas from being a future contender even if he underperforms the contract?

I think we need to accept our lumps and our lessons regarding Dallas' pre-Parsons miscalculations in this department. And I'll use Joe Johnson as the guinea pig here.

DONUT 4: Nets vs. Mavs ...

The Mavs thought Joe Johnson's July 2012 acquisition would be an albatross in Brooklyn, so much so that Deron Williams would spurn the Nets and come here. Johnson went there. Williams stayed there. The Nets still haven't imploded.
In 2012–13, the Nets finished second in the Atlantic, went 49-33, and lost a first-round series in seven games. In 2013–14, they finished second in the Atlantic again, with a 44-38 mark, and made it to Round 2.

Meanwhile, in the same two seasons (in the admittedly tougher West) Dallas has gone 41-41 and 49-33, with a pair of fourth-place divisional finishes and one playoff berth, their seven-game battle in the first round.

How are the Nets worse-off for having signed the guys they signed?

Parsons' price tag was $14.7 mil because that was the going rate to win him ... and the Mavs think winning him makes them better. TY has a similar salary (remember, the one Dallas wouldn't pay because of the coming When's Nuclear Winter?) ... and the Mavs think winning him makes them better.

DONUT 5: The crossroads ...

Chandler and Chandler aren't being paid in a vacuum. Circumstances led to their salaries. Among those circumstances: This was the Dallas Mavericks' crossroads summer.

Kidd and Jet long gone. (Well, Jet's not gone from Texas. Just from Dallas.) A divorce from Dirk as a $20-mil player. A divorce from Marion entirely. A reloading the roster for the future, with a young player as the centerpiece of the effort.

Let me know when the winning bid on Chandler Parsons actually keeps Dallas from succeeding as opposed to what the plan is, which is to succeed because of him, and I'll commence to wringing my hands over busting the budget here.

DONUT 6: Mavs Run This Town...

The Mavericks will host the inaugural "Mavs Run This Town 5K'' on October 23, 2014 at 7 p.m. at American Airlines Center. Proceeds will benefit the Dallas Mavericks Foundation. For event info click here.

DONUT 7: Thanks,! ...

Today's Donuts are sponsored by ... with us since 1995! Give "the finest dentists in the land'' a click and a call!

DONUT 8: 'Media Michelangelo' ...

The agony and the ecstasy. For our David Lord -- the media Michelangelo of NBA asset management -- that's the best way to describe his views on the Mavs' apparent change in the way they are going to do their draft-time business. Good stuff here.

DONUT 9: Cuban's Top 10 ... has cherrypicked through 'Ben & Skin's terrific interview for with the Mavs owner to offer up Mark Cuban's Top 10 Takes.

DONUT 10: Breaking Snickers news ...

If you subscribe to some ESPN headline service on your phone, at about midday on Friday you were made aware of two stories:
*The outstanding in-depth profile of Jerry Jones.

*The news that Johnny Manziel will be portraying an aerobics instructor in an upcoming Snickers ad.

For the world of sports journalism, this is also "the agony and the ecstasy.''

DONUT 11: It's coming! ...

Media Day for the Mavericks is scheduled for Sept. 29 at 1 p.m. at the AAC. Training camp starts Sept 30. The first preseason game is October 7 at home vs. Houston.

When it comes to covering the Mavs, no outlet has done it longer, better, with more consistent excellence, than the staff I've assembled here at As always, we encourage you to enjoy the site and any level you please ... while inviting you to come inside the Mavs with our 10-cents-a-day Premium Coverage after your 7-day free trial.

It's coming!

DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

If recreational drugs aren't somehow "addictive,'' how come knuckleheaded pro athletes who know the consequences of getting caught a second time don't quit 'em? I'm not trying to be a narc or a party-pooper or a smart-ass. I'm really wondering.

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