Abpocalypse: Carlisle Apologizes To Parsons

'It was unfair and inappropriate to single out Chandler Parsons after the game Friday night,' Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said Sunday in regard to his remarks about Parsons' weight. 'I have apologized to him and to the entire team for this error in judgment.' Here's all you need to know about the story:

Following the Dallas Mavericks' Friday preseason lose to OKC, coach Rick Carlisle took to the podium and addressed Chandler Parsons' added bulk.

"An increase of 18 to 20 pounds is just too much," Carlisle said. "We talked about it today. We talk about it a lot. He'll get there. ... I don't mean to call him out in public or ridicule him, but it's just a fact. He's an important guy for us. We just need him to get to his right conditioning and weight level so he can play his best, because we're going to need him to play a lot of minutes over the course of 82 games."

The Mavericks signed Parsons to his three-year, $46-mil deal with the hopes of him combining with Ellis and Nowitzki to form a great offensive trio. Parsons, however, also joined the Mavericks with the hopes of being somewhere he can blossom into the All-Star caliber player he believes he can be. With Ellis and Nowitzki sitting out of Friday’s game, Parsons got the opportunity to lead the Mavericks against Durant, Westbrook and company.

Parsons didn’t get regular-season-level minutes, but he showcased the versatility that he is capable of. In 20 minutes of play Parsons recorded nine points, six rebounds and six assists. His scoring would have been higher had he hit a few three pointers that he is capable of making, but it’s a promising sign that he did not try to dominate the game offensively in his teammates’ absences. Parsons understands the balance of his game and how it can help the team. He is more than capable of hitting open shots and keeping the ball movement going, but his ability as a driver allows him to be a great playmaker and finisher. In other words, he brings a lot to the table.

“I hope to do a little bit of everything,'' Parsons said. "Defend, rebound and make the game a little easier for everybody else. Shooting will come. Training camp was tough and I don’t have a lot of legs right now, but that’s what I plan on doing.”

Here's Parsons, in his own words, about the "legs'' ... and about Rick's remarks:

While Carlisle said the Mavs want him to get down from 230 to 225, Parsons believes the added weight will help him as an interior defender.

"His opinion is different than mine,'' Chandler said. "We go after it every day ...''

Um ... oh.

Was this the start of a long-running problem between coach and budding star? We thought not all along; They often speak admiringly of the other, and Carlisle runs this show, not the players. And this dialogue is nothing new. Carlisle made note of this issue at the start of camp, as the 6-foot-9 Parsons -- who previously played at between 215 and 220 pounds -- showed up nearer 235. At that time, the coach noted that "one man's 'bulking up' is another man's 'not-quite-in-shape-yet.'''

But we also thought this particular Battle of the Bulge is one Parsons was not going to win, especially when he noted Friday, "At the end of the day, I respect (Carlisle's) opinion. After training camp, my weight fluctuates. I'll get it down."

But then on Saturday afternoon he posted the above photo on Instagram. ... complete with a little cartoon emoji of a pig ... and it's rather clear that Chandler Parsons is anything but "overweight.''

On Sunday, as the Mavs prepped for their third preseason game, a 6:30 tip at the AAC against the Pacers, Carlisle issued his apology. And why? Because Parsons makes so much money? Because Parsons is more important or more sensitive than previous Mavs who've received Carlisle's scorn?


Chandler Parsons got a full public apology from Rick Carlisle because Parsons was right and because Carlisle was wrong.

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