Mavs Waive Yuki + Griffin; Frisco Plans

DALLAS -- The Mavs are waiving Japanese point guard Yuki Togashi and as always was to be the deal, he's bound for Frisco. The club is also waiving forward Eric Griffin -- and the organization would like to keep him around, too.

The Dallas Mavericks and the Texas Legends have a big-brother/little brother relationship that now serves as a model for the NBA. It's coming into play right now as Dallas is waiving the 5-6 point guard from Japan, Yuki Togashi, an arrangement that, as we wrote about early this month, allows the organization to retain his rights and send him to the D-League Legends.

The next trick? To see if they can make that same relationship work with another prospect, forward Eric Griffin. broke the summer story of Eric Griffin's crafty contract details, a three-year deal with Dallas that contains $150,000 in guaranteed money the first season. While not a big amount in NBA-contract terms, it's certainly enough to hint that the Mavs want a relationship with him. ... and yet no money is guaranteed in Years 2 and 3, so it always made it easy for them to go a different direction down the road, if he doesn't develop as they expect.


Even though the Mavs cut him in camp, he will end up getting his $150,000 ... and while this is technically "money eaten,'' again, if Griffin agrees to go to Frisco, it's money well-spent ... with Charlie Villanueva and his $700K non-guarantee essentially stealing Griffin's spot.

There are more moves (for the Mavs and the Legends) and more experiments (for the Legends) coming. Mavs GM and Texas Legends owner Donnie Nelson gets to be a calculated risk-taker along with being an astute evaluator of talent, so the organization explores over-looked big men (scouring Africa to bring 7’5” Moussa Seck to the States, attempting to rejuvenate the career of 7’2” Greg Ostertag, plucking the largest player on earth from the Harlem Globetrotters, 7’8” Paul Sturgess) ... and going the other way, too, with the diminutive Togashi, who as noted earlier this month has secured his deal.

I'm told the Dallas Mavericks -- with 18 on the roster now -- are examining the quickie signing of another point guard who will then be released and (with his rights belonging to the organization) shuffled to Frisco to be the starting point guard there, with Togashi playing behind him as the sixth man. I'm also told that former NBA second-round pick Doron Lamb will end up in Frisco with the Mavs D-League affiliate, the Texas Legends. Two other NBA campers, power forward Damion James with the Washington Wizards and center Micheal Eric with the Bucks, could land back in Frisco, where the franchise also plans for Mavs roster member Ricky Ledo to get plenty of work.

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