Mavs Monday Donuts: TV At Charlotte Tonight

DALLAS - The Mavs offensive circus rolls into Charlotte tonight, where the Hornets have in recent meetings been able to put a stop sign in the way of Dallas' parade. Is there a reason for that to change this time? Donuts as we get ready for 5:30 TV on FOX Sports Southwest!

DONUT 1: Mavs at Hornets

The Mavs have established themselves as an offensive circus, especially at home, where their 7-3 record has been built in large part on the strength of averaging 115.7 points on 51-percent shooting in six outings at the AAC.

On the road? Not as glittery, as Dallas is at 100.3 points per game and shooting 46.1 percent with a 2-2 away record. And against Charlotte? Again, not at all glittery, as in the last three meetings between the two clubs the Mavs are averaging 91.7 points on 42-percent shooting with two losses.

So tonight -- 5:30 "Mavs Live'' with Dana, Bob and yours truly -- isn't just about whether Dallas' offense shows up in a familiar and necessary way. It's also very much about 4-6 Charlotte's D, which last year was NBA-elite in giving up 97.1 points per game but in its last five games this year is allowing 107 points per.

Will Charlotte be able to recapture what its done to Dallas in the past? Or is the Hornets' 107-per-allowed vs. Dallas (averaging 120 per in its last three) a match tailored to more circus stuff?

See you tonight at 5:30!

DONUT 2: The blowouts

The Dallas Mavericks have, in their last two games, outscored their opponents 254-187.

Impressive enough. Also worth noting: Those numbers account for a fair amount of garbage time for both teams. How did the Mavericks’ core rotational players fare against Philadelphia and Minnesota? If we just factor in the first halves of those two games, the Mavericks outscored their opponents 138-73.

There are plenty of statistics out there to confirm the Mavericks dominance in the back end of their four-game home stand, but here’s one you might not have seen yet. In the eight quarters in which Dallas scored 254 points, Dirk Nowitzki only missed four shots.

“It was exactly what we wanted to do at the end of this homestand,” Nowitzki said. “We started off rough with the loss against Miami, but we took care of our business after that and protected the home court.''


Our Jonny Auping delves into the meaning of the back-to-back blowouts here.

DONUT 3: Felton closing in

Tonight is the night Raymond Felton's been deemed healthy enough to start ... serving his four-game suspension, that is.

Felton's suspension, the result of gun charges in New York from last season, was for four games. But Dallas wasn't able to institute the suspension until Felton's ankle was healed enough to make him a candidate to play. If the schedule works as planned, he's eligible to make his Dallas debut on Nov. 24 at home against the Pacers. And by the way: at the moment, with Jameer Nelson having his struggles as the starter, I'm interested to see Felton take a turn.

DONUT 4: A Parsons prank?

I still believe this is a Parsons prank. That he instructed the barista to purposely misidentify him on his Starbucks cup so he could have himself a laugh.


But let's play along. The angle isn't "somebody didn't recognize who Chandler Parsons is.'' The angle would be, "somebody didn't recognize who Dirk Nowitzki isn't.'' Right?

DONUT 5: Down on the farm

The Texas Legends were down 20 in Friday's season-opener at Bakersfield but rallied to beat the Jam, 127-125, with Renaldo Balkman leading the Mavs' D-League affiliate with 24 points and six rebounds. On Saturday in LA, the Legends won again, this time by a 130-108 score. Texas averaging 128.5 points per? Shades of the big club!

The Legends are at home this weekend, starting with a Friday date. You can catch RJ Choppy and me on the play-by-play on Channel 49 or join us in person by getting your tickets to watch Sarge James, Eric Griffin, Yuki Togashi, Doron Lamb (and, I'm told, Ricky Ledo, who will be assigned to Frisco this week) here on the Legends website.

Here's a dozen D-League Donuts to get you caught up on who's who down on the farm.

DONUT 6: Quotable

"That's our game. That's how we should play the whole season. We shouldn't run many plays, just get out, run, flow, pass, cut and find the open guy." - Monta Ellis.


DONUT 7: Hook up with!

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DONUT 8: Ball movement

Bobby Karalla on points out that in just 10 games this year Dallas has already recorded two games with 30-plus assists. All last year, the Mavs reached that mark a total of 10 times.

This isn't just an issue of unselfishness. It's also about shot-making, of course, but also about movement with purpose and passing with purpose. And it matters in Charlotte for this reason: the Hornets are allowing 23.6 assists per game, the sixth-poorest mark in the league. That's yet another immovable-force/movable-object match worth keying on here.

DONUT 9: Heads up - literally

Tonight we'll get our first look at Lance Stephenson as a Hornet -- and we'll be reminded how quickly he rose up Dallas' summer-shopping list when it seemed, for a moment, that Houston would match on Parsons. All of this means will also get to see the basketball lunacy that is Lance, including stuff like drawing a foul by slapping himself in the face:

Rick Carlisle likes to say a team cannot be made up of "all milk drinkers.'' But you can only have so many Lance Stephensons, too. Tonight's game certainly features ... well, an original non-milk-drinker.

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DONUT 11: LeBron's buy

Dez Bryant is on-record as saying one of the reasons he is associating himself with Jay-Z’s sports marketing firm is a desire to reach “icon” status. I'm told LeBron James is already buying into the idea.

A source close to Bryant tells me that Dez’s “Throw Up The X” marketing experts are working on creating Dallas Mavericks jerseys emblazoned with “BRYANT 88" on them. It’s not clear how the NFL, the NBA or Jay-Z will be involved in this push, but I know who has succumbed to it: LeBron James.

I'm told that though the jerseys have yet to be produced, there is an order already on the books, from Cavaliers superstar James, who happens to be a Cowboys fan — and the possessor of the sort of iconic status Dez desires.


DONUT 12: The Final Word

“He’s as good a post player as we have in the game, simple as that. And he’s got it now so he’s a dead-eye mid-range shooter as well, which makes him a double threat.” - Rick Carlisle on Charlotte big man Al Jefferson.

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