Mavs Monday Donuts: Guns For Hire

DALLAS - Ah, back to the cozy confines of competition with the East ... 'The Week That Was' wasn't ... Guns for Hire in the West ... Kobe vs. Monta in the clutch (and in the All-Star Game) ... Monday Mavs Donuts!

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It was the pregame position of Warriors coach Steve Kerr that Saturday's weird 1 p.m. tipoff - an arrangement to accommodate Stars hockey on Saturday night --needn't be all that weird at all.

After all, isn't about 1 p.m. the time an NBA team practices?

For the Warriors, maybe, it appeared there was no difference. For the Dallas Mavericks, 105-98 losers to the league's best squad, it appeared the fellas mistakenly relied on one of Sam Dalembert's left-behind alarm clocks.

Hey, at least the morphing of the AAC from basketball gym to hockey barn was cool, eh? (This is from a few years ago, with the morphing in reverse order. But you get the idea.)


We've got Mavs Power Points here and Jonny Auping's "Week That Was'' column here to cover most every angle on Dallas' drop to 17-8 ... including the fact that the Mavs are still winless (0-6) against the West's top eight clubs.

The handiest built-in excuse/reason for the Saturday loss? The injury absence of Chandler Parsons, scratched due to back soreness. We've chronicled his last three games averaging 26 points per, but his groove goes deeper than that: in Chandsome's last 10 games he's at 19.2 points on 51.1-percent shooting, including FG 40.3 percent from the arc.

Are the Mavs now getting the CP they bargained for? His season averages are now at 16.3 points and five rebounds -- pretty much in line with last year's line for him in Houston.

Parsons' pregame work Saturday existed of lengthy stretching and cardio work. And Dallas doesn't play again until Tuesday, a convenient break for him (and other ailing Mavs, which I'll detail below).

Smile will be at Mavs practice today and here's looking forward to Parsons returning to what he does best, and thus spending less time doing what I'm sure he thinks he does second-best, which is picking out cool clothes for his stint on the scratched list.


Entering the weekend, Monta Ellis led the NBA with 16 points when the game is on the line (meaning the last 24 seconds of the final quarter of a game that's within three points).

And remember, he's doing this with an elbow injury so troublesome that Rick Carlisle insists most NBA players would beg out if they had the same ailment.

With the help of contributor Mark Followill we are able to note, too, that this year's Mavs clutch willingness essentially matches last year's. In 2013-14, Monta took 37 percent of this team's clutch-time shots (with Dirk at 32 percent and Calderon at 10 percent).

This year, Monta is at 39 percent of clutch-time FGAs, with Dirk at 25 percent and Parsons at 14 percent.

Monta has been so willing and able in the clutch that I really mean it when I say that when the despicable Kobe Bryant gets all those All-Star votes as the 2-guard, any shred of dignity he has remaining within his snaky Mamba skin should drive him to sacrifice his berth and give it to Monta Ellis.

Of course, with all these studs playing guard in the West, even that might not be enough to boost Ellis.


Speaking of Kobe ...
Late last week he criticized his teammates yelling at Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak during a practice (no word on whether Kobe donned makeup or required a TelePrompTer for his performance) and noted that his teammates are as "soft as Charmin."

KobeTalk: “You m—–f—— are soft like Charmin in this m—–f—–. G--damn, is this the type of s— that’s going on in these practices? Now I see why we’ve lost 20 f—ing games. We’re soft like Charmin. We’re soft like s—.”


*Has it not occurred to Bryant that the reason he has subpar teammates is because he gobbled up their available money? That when he took $26 mil while Dirk took $8.3 mil, that alone allowed Dallas to build a team that is at least $18 mil superior to LA's? That calling teammates out in such a manner might be why other stars don't wish to be his teammate?


I'm most amused by Kobe not seeking the ironically fitting match between a centerpiece like him playing like excrement NEEDING to be surrounded by toilet paper.


Kobe will always be an enemy in Dallas. Meanwhile, Jason Terry will never be an enemy here ... at least not until he nails a playoff jumper that helps Houston top the Mavs. (God forbid.)

But JET is a prime candidate for enemy fire elsewhere, including in one of his former (kinda) home cities.

Last week, Terry got booed every time he touched the ball in Sacramento. Why? Besides helping Dallas beat the Kings all those years, why would be be Public Enemy No. Anything?

Last spring, you'll remember, he was traded by the Nets to the Kings last season along with Reggie Evans in a trade for Marcus Thornton. Terry never played for the Kings, instead opting to rehab his knee back home in DFW. And then he went public with how he "bleeds blue'' and is "a Maverick'' ... again, all while under contract to Sacramento, a team he described thusly:

“I wouldn’t say it’s rebuilding, but a building process,” Terry said. “DeMarcus Cousins a huge talent. Attitude, a little shaky. Rudy Gay, not a proven winner in this league but a tremendous talent and a guy you can build around. They’re in transition right now.''

That's why. And why I long for JET to bring his "hateability" back to DFW, upon retirement, where it can be properly appreciated and funneled.


Jermaine O'Neal to the Mavs? This is an idea Dallas has flirted with before, as detailed here in July 2013.


The Mavs could always use another banger with pedigree, and even in the twilight of his career, O'Neal remains that. readers who point out that JO could be like Ray Allen in the sense that he might take second-half-of-the-season bids on being a gun for hire to contenders are exactly right.

Oh, and don't forget's exclusive angle on the Mavs retaining a relationship with the rehabbing Rashard Lewis for the same purpose.

Oh, one more thing about this: while O'Neal became a hot national story on Saturday, y'all were talking on O'Neal to Dallas on Boards all the way back to Wednesday. Smarties.


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Rick Carlisle on the maybe, someday, could-be return of Raymond Felton: "We're getting warmer."

I don't think Felton himself believes his ankle is as "un-healed" as the team seems to wish to let on. So if you wish to speculate that somebody in the building is not on the same page with the ex-Knicks point guard, or even that someone is at odds with him ... Speculate away.

In the meantime, I think it's worth noting that Dec. 15 marks the opening of the window for traded-for players to be traded away.

And for serious Mavs fans, I recommend reading David Lord's premium piece on Dallas' position on chasing star point guards like Dragic and Rondo.


Along with its 14-game winning streak, as noted by Brad Townsend, Golden State entered Saturday having won eight straight road games and 29 of its last 38 on the road dating to last year.

That may be the top available piece of evidence supporting the Warriors' legitimacy as a West contender. And when you do the math, you start to calculate Dallas' challenges in the conference. You were figuring on the Spurs, the Thunder, the Clippers, the Grizzlies, the Rockets ... and as the season marches on, non-legit teams aren't being weeded out ...

More legit teams are stepping up.


I'll be on FOX Sports Southwest helping to bring you the Mavs back-to-back roadie this week, Tuesday at 6:30 with "MAVS Live'' and then the 7 p.m. tipoff at the Knicks, and then again Wednesday at Detroit, "MAVS Live'' at 7 and then the tipoff at 7:30. Join us for the pregame and stay for the postgame, too, featuring Dana Larson, Bob Ortegel and yours truly!


Our Dr. Chuck Perry goes deep into a Mavs advanced-stats examination with "Mavs At The Quarter-Mile,'' a great piece for the thinking MFFL that you are.



"Rick is a phenomenal coach. What they do offensively is beautiful to watch, it's innovative, it's really well thought out." - Steve Kerr on Rick Carlisle.

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