Mavs Pound Jazz: Who Deserves 'The Dirkie'?

After every win, since the dawn of time, Mavs wins mean we hand out 'The Dirkie.' Dallas did its part, stomping the Jazz, 105-82. Now do yours, and cast a vote!

The Dallas Mavericks stomped the Jazz in Utah, 105-82. What does that mean?

Well, it's the first back-to-back of the season (insert tired "yay'' here). One assumes feathers flew after the previous night's disaster in Portland. (Chronicled with just the right amount of venom by Mike Marshall here.) We all needed a palate cleanser after that one and what could be better than knocking the stuffing out of the Jazz?

Whatever glow of pride the Jazz were feeling after a Hayward buzzer beater got them a win over Cleveland the other night, the Mavs snuffed it immediately, taking the lead away from Utah at 10:04 with a Nelson three and never giving it back. Third-quarter crash'n'burn? Not on Friday. The good guys came out of halftime, punched out a 9-0 run, and spent the rest of the game stomping Utah's guts into the floor.

Final 105-82. ... and now the fun begins ... here's your Player-of-the-Game poll -- "The Dirkie'' -- andhere's your attractive statuette. Thought your civic duty was over after Election Day? Nope! Votes please, and the list of candidates:
Dirk Nowitzki -- 27 and 10, that is more like it

Tyson Chandler -- Big TY with big 15 and 13

Monta Ellis -- 13 points, 6 assists, 3 steals

Brandan Wright -- pogo-sticking 12 points and 5 boards

Jameer Nelson -- gimme 10 points, 3 dimes, and a steal

Devin Harris -- M.O.B leader with 8 points and 6 dimes

JJ Barea -- 8 points and 4 assists

Come get your vote on at Boards!

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