Mavs Downed By Heat: Power Points

DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks have fallen into a pattern of the treadmill variety: they can't put together anything close to 48 minutes. On Sunday at the AAC, the hated Heat made them pay.

Lackluster both ways

Miami Heat 105, Dallas Mavericks 96 was about a lot of things.

How about defensive deficiencies?

They have been somewhat of a problem all season and the first half of this loss to an NBA Finals-related for wasn’t much better. The Dallas Mavericks allowed the Heat to shoot 60 percent from the field while they shot a measly 36.6 percent. Dirk had 16 points in the first half, but he was the only Maverick to break double-digits as he got minimal help from his supporting cast.

At the other end, in the first half, Chris Bosh and Luol Deng had 15 points each, with Mario Chalmers pitching in 10 points of his own. Deng especially had a very efficient first half as he made seven of his eight shot attempts.

These are supposed to be outcomes that require the full 48. But Dallas is on a treadmill record-wise in part because before its gets to 48, it goes into a ditch.

“I’m concerned about how we’re competing as a team," coach Rick Carlisle said. "We just have a problem right now from top to bottom with consistency. When our level of competitiveness comes up to where it should be on a consistent basis, a lot of our problems will dissipate.”

The Heat O

The Miami Heat scored all over the floor, but they especially dominated the closer they got to the rim. It wasn’t even the big men for the Heat that were scoring down low, actually it was their ability to shoot from the perimeter that brought Tyson Chandler and the Mavs big men to the perimeter and opened up easy lay in opportunities for the Heat guards to attack the rim.

Monta rocks

Monta Ellis sent the AAC into an uproar as he came out of the gate after halftime and scored 10 very quick points for the Mavs. He had two quick shots and then followed it up with back-to-back three pointers. Ellis finished with 14 points in the third and had 23 for the game.

However, the Mavs defensive struggles carried over from the first half as they allowed 28 points in the third period to scoring 23 of their own.

Aside from just giving up points, they were giving up shots that drained any momentum they had built, such as three pointers to Wade and Chalmers at different points in the period as the shot clock expired.

Tale of newcomers

The Miami Heat added Luol Deng to their arsenal on a two-year $19.9 million deal. The Mavs added Chandler Parsons on a three-year $46 million deal.

The stat lines for each?

Deng went 13-17 for 30 points, including four from downtown. He added five rebounds, three assists and a steal.

Parsons went 1-9 for four points, six rebounds, two blocked shots and a turnover.

"Just stick with it," said Dirk by way of advice for Parsons. "Sometimes it just doesn't go your way. … He just has to keep working through it."

Stat speak

Luol Deng finished with 30 points on 13-18 shooting, five rebounds and three assists.

After 16 first-half points for Dirk, he scored one more point the rest of the way and finished with 17 points on 6-15 shooting, six rebounds and three assists.

“He played hard," Carlisle said of Deng. "He did everything hard. He cut hard, he drove hard – he was terrific. His shot-making was there. We let him get going early and never did enough to disrupt his rhythm.”

Notable quotable

"I hated them before LeBron got there. He didn’t impact my feelings for them at all.'' - Mark Cuban on the Heat

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