Mavs Top Bulls In 2OT: Who Gets 'The Dirkie'?

Mavericks basketball earns a double-OT worth of superlatives for Tuesday's 132-129 win at Chicago ... and somebody has earned 'The Dirkie,' too! Your chance to decide and discuss, inside. ...

I mean, wow. Double-OT in Chicago. Does it get better? The good guys stomped all over the Bulls in the second quarter, taking a 12-point lead into the halftime break, but come on -- a healthy Bulls team is a thing to inspire fear and Chicago spent the second half demonstrating that they're legit. Offensive strangulation, nightmare to defend, a few let's-call-them-favorable calls from the grey-shirts, and the lead eroded. And then, down by three, and Monta got fouled from distance. Three made free-throws later and we get some extra basketball, yay!

Chicago got a little payback five minutes later as Derrick Rose buried a three to tie the game at the horn; more extra basketball, yay!!!

The last five minutes featured fatigue, grit, and daggers flying everywhere. And finally, the Mavs buried it too deep for the Bulls to pull out and cut back. A double-OT final of 132-129 and oh boy isn't the puddle-jumping trip to Milwaukee gonna be fun for all!

One Dirkie, extra shine, taking votes. I remind the committee that voting for Kirk Hinrich for that foul at the end of regulation is just tacky. I'm sure he's being rewarded by Coach Thibodeau.

The Dallas Mavericks candidates:

Monta Ellis -- cold-bloodded Marvelous Monta with 38

Chandler Parsons -- stuffing the sheet including 24 points

Tyson Chandler -- 5 and 14 and toughness to spare

Dirk Nowitzki -- 22 point and 10 assist double-double

Devin Harris -- 20 points, 8 assists, some ouchies

JJ Barea -- Viva Barea! 13 points in 13 minutes

Hinrich took the blame for the end-of-regulation foul of Monta in the act of launching a desperation 3. And Dirk was appreciative.

“They think they had the game won and they foul Monta off the dribble, which in my 17 years is one of dumber fouls I’ve ever seen,'' Nowitzki said frankly. "I saw Coach Thibodeau was just shaking his head. They thought they had it won in regular time and we thought in the first overtime we had ‘em.’’


But again, we don't give "The Dirkie'' to the other team. So ... You know the drill: The Mavs win the game, and Mavs fans like you choose the Player of the Game. Who deserves "The Dirkie''? Vote here! And hang around all night and all day for coverage of this "signature'' win!

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