Mavs Apple Moving 'Move Of The Day'

The Mavs Apple Moving DFW 'Move Of The Day' comes courtesy of Dallas handling of Chandler Parsons and his handling of his job. He gets it done in the first half; is it OK if he doesn't do the same in the second?

The Dallas Mavericks are 15-5, with very little to complain about in large part to Monta Ellis spending the week taking care of all the second halves and the OTs and whatnot.

But what if I make the argument that Chandler Parsons’ first-half fun is important, in its own way, too?

"This Little Piggy'' continues to steady the Mavs early, especially on a night like Wednesday in Milwaukee without the god (Dirty). Make no mistake, that was Monta's night (as was the previous evening in Chicago; go to the Mavs News section and look at all the recent Monta-themed stories; it's not like we're overlooking him, you know.)


Now, it still kind of sucks that CP is shooting so poorly in the second half that his line looks like borderline garbage. I'm not overlooking THAT, either.

He shot 6-of-17 overall on Wednesday, but 2-of-8 in the second half is the real sore thumb that stands out. I felt confident in his shot even when he was missing because they were "shooter’s misses'' (rattling out or swooping in and out), but vs. the Bucks he just looked like he did the spin-10-times-around-the-baseball-bat thing then tried to bury a triple.

Here’s some concerning numbers if you’re in the mood for that. (If not, I don’t know. Think about the word "fartlek'' for like 20 seconds) ... 60 percent of Parsons’ second-half shots are three-pointers and he’s hitting 29.5 percent on those. In first halves he’s only shooting the three 35.5 percent of the time and making a passable amount at 36.7 percent.

From the data you can surmise that he’s drifting away from the basket as the game wears on.

That’s natural for any player but when you’re having the struggles that he’s been having maybe it’s time to shake it up a bit.

In his last five games, Parsons is shooting 29.4 percent in the second half with a spicy 15.8 percent from three and 55.6 percent on free throws. I mean, what the hell? I feel like he needs to SEE these numbers. There is a place for a first-half heavy scorer that just does the little things in the second half but you can’t be absolute baby pooh after the halftime break.

So make The Move. Be aware of the imbalance of these numbers (you're welcome, Chandler?!) and make the move towards fixing it. ... and that will be your Mavs Apple Moving DFW "Move Of The Day''!


Oh, and call Apple Moving DFW, the very best in the business, when you need a mover. all 'em. And tell 'em sent you!

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