Mavs Donuts: All-Access To OT Win In Brooklyn

Nowitzki 'agitation' becomes a Nowitzki 'arrow.' The Mavs always win on the road against the East and if you look at the standings today, they are 26-10 and in the No. 4 slot, just three games back of first. Wow. Mavs All-Access Donuts!

DONUT 1: Mavs 96, Nets 88 in OT

I have no idea why the Brooklyn Nets give the Dallas Mavericks so many problems when the two teams collide. Maybe it’s because the Nets are obsessed with rolling out gigantic lineups or possibly because it feels like the Mavericks only play in Brooklyn on the last game of extended East coast road trips.

It also doesn’t hurt when your often-injured koala-bear-looking center gets into the hidden leftover Halloween candy every time Dallas comes knockin'. Seriously, what the hell was that, Brook? Also, Brook is a girl’s name.


The Nets play ugly-as-hell basketball and rely consistently on isolation muscle while they dirty up games. I believe that’s half the reason why I hate watching the Mavericks play them. It’s ugly hoops and I just want it to be over. But, no Joe Johnson is always just creeping around ready to take a leak all over your six-point lead and make this game last five minutes longer.

Despite the hassle the Mavericks escape The House that Hov built with the league’s longest winning streak intact alongside their West leading 13th road victory of the season while shooting 39 percent from the field.

"Good shooting comes and goes,'' said coach Rick Carlisle by way of semi-exhausted explanation.

DONUT 2: Stat O The Day

Just as a point of reference, the Mavericks don’t win when they shoot under 40 percent from the field. In fact that was the first victory of the season when shooting under 40 percent and only the 39th (fitting number) in their history.

DONUT 3: No business

“If you watched the whole game, we had no business winning this game,'' Chandler Parsons said. "But that’s a sign of a mature team, a team that’s growing and getting better.”

He's right. The Mavericks had no business winning this game. The only thing that saved them is how disjointed Brooklyn’s roster is from what they’re trying to do as a team. Parsons and Rajon Rondo were 3 of 24 from the field. That’s 13 percent. Your starting point guard and small forward looked like they were playing on ludes and had one more made shot than turnovers and you still won? For Parsons, the nasty first half was an indication that he needed to stop shooting and try to contribute in other areas but his one make after halftime was a huge one as he buried an overtime three to stretch the Maverick lead to five points.

Rondo on the other hand ... took nine more shots after going 0 for 4 in the first half, making only one of them. He did manage to end up with a double-double though, the really hard way with assists and rebounds.

There has got to be a safe word or some kind of Bat Signal Rick can throw out there on certain nights that means “Rajon, we love you but if you don’t stop shooting I’m going to take your Connect Four away.''

While we’re here, I’ve noticed something that Rajon Rondo needs to work on if this he’s going to get a permanent key card to the Trust Tree and that’s getting Dirk Nowitzki the ball on the entry pass before the defender has a chance to hang all over him. Rondo has been waiting two and three seconds into Dirk’s sealing of the defender thus taking away the immediate advantage. It just needs to happen a tick quicker. There’s a rhythm to it and this stuff matters. The entry needs to happen now and it’s happening ………….now. A few times I saw Dirk seal and then get restless waiting for Rondo to toss the entry pass and eventually just cleared out to the other side in a pissed-off manner.


Anyway, Rondo’s complete inability to knock down a free throw nearly drowned the Mavericks but Parsons' giant minerals saved the blame gun from being pointed at him.

DONUT 4: Agitation Arrow

Despite the Brooklyn Nets best efforts to agitate the life out of Dirk with endless non-calls, he still found a way to put an arrow straight through their dead Eastern Conference heart.

What better way for Dirk to pass Moses than by delivering a long-distance killshot for an eight-point overtime lead like the final scene from "Underworld''? Even prior to that you could feel Dirk’s frustration bubble over on the heels of a tech when he knocked down a tough and-one to tie Moses ... proceeding to say some words worthy of mouth-covering.

Dirk is roughly 1,200 points away from passing KaZaam for sixth all-time and if he keeps averaging 18 points a game that will take roughly 66 more games. There are 46 games remaining in this regular season and so this happens next season if the train stays on the current track.

“Right now, I’m chasing wins more than anything,” Nowitzki said. “Winning games is fun again. To me, it’s more important that we’re on a good team, competing every night and winning. Everything else will be great down the road when my career is over.”

Here's the highlight reel, highlighted by Dirk:

A little fun fact for you: Dirk has scored in double figures in every single game this season. In fact, the last time he didn’t score in double digits was nearly one year ago today, January 8th, 2013.

By the way: The trend of Dirk getting up more shots in the first half just continues to increase as he got up 11 shots in the first half here. He’s also fixed that whole trailing-three bit, hitting 50 percent of 'em in his last five games.


So, what in the hell happened to Brook Lopez? If that wasn’t some "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret Of The Ooze'' crap then I have no idea what is.

Lopez averages 17.8 for his career but somehow has five games of 22 or more points in his 10 matchups against the Mavs (including two 38 point games!!!!!!!).

His first quarter was one of the most mystifying events since Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. He went 9 of 12 for 18 points, totaling one fewer made shot than the entire Mavericks team. As much as we might have enjoyed it, the Brook Lopez vs. Tyson Chandler episode of "Monster Wars'' had to end at some point. Props to the Mavericks for figuring out the correct adjustment on that pick-and-pop, limiting Lopez to just four points in the final three quarters.

Great game, kiddo. You still have a girl’s name and should be playing for the Magic if your GM wasn’t one of the worst ever.

DONUT 6: Weird little numbers

*Alan Anderson hit a three with eight seconds left in the first quarter and then the Nets didn’t hit another one until Joe Johnson splashed consecutive bombs with 1:42 left in the game to tie it up at 80 all.

*The Mavs are now 3-0 in overtime this season after going 4-13 in the previous two seasons.

*And this one, which isn't weird at all: The Mavs always win on the road against the East and if you look at the standings today, they are 26-10 and in the No. 4 slot, just three games back of first. Wow.

DONUT 7: Bloodsport

Joe Johnson is one of the most average NBA players in the history of professional hoops unless it’s in the final two minutes of a game.

He’s one of these insane people that shoots 46 percent when the shot clock is at four seconds or fewer (which is better than his regular average). His back-to-back threes to tie the game were maybe the most predictable thing about this game and I half-believed his walk-off attempt would find a way to the bottom of the bucket as well. I would have thrown up blood if that would have happened. He tried repeatedly to bully different Mavericks on the block and honestly Chandler Parsons did the best job on him. He only finished with 10 points in the second half and overtime but every one of them pissed me off.

DONUT 8: Nails Monta

Another one of those insane people is Monta Ellis. His willingness to attack the basket and send himself to the line with a chance to tie and 10 seconds left was absolutely nails. Not too many guys would have done that. Plenty of them would be willing to take the game-tying shot but wouldn’t have the gumption to force the foul and head to the line on the road having to sink two freebies.

When the Mavericks offense hits a dull spot Rick always has that Monta ripcord he can always depend on and that’s exactly what the did in the overtime. Sure, Parsons and Dirk put the game out of reach but Monta kept the Mavs in it. Monta dropped a 19-7-4 line here in a game that was ugly and required someone to snuff it out.

DONUT 9: Apple Moving Move of the Day

Your Mavs Apple Moving DFW "Move Of The Day''?

As soon as I wonder what Devin Harris’ role on this team has become the basketball gods (and the Move of the Day) show me. Brooklyn runs an extra long lineup out in almost every possible instance. There was really not much of a spot in this contest for J.J. Barea. There just wasn’t anyone he could guard. Devin Harris made his worth felt with solid defense and nine third-quarter points. Devin gave the Mavs their first lead after back-to-back blocks of the Nets found them with a 55-53 advantage thanks to consecutive Devin buckets. The Nets' huge lineups brought out the Mavericks lack of a backup center and it could be a blueprint for other teams. Then again, I don’t think other teams will have Mason Plumlee who is apparently allowed to do whatever he wants on rebound attempts.


But again, to the point: Rick Carlisle's decision to re-insert Devin into an important role in that third quarter? Your Apple Moving Move of the Day. Now go call Apple Moving DFW, the very best in the business, when you need a mover. And tell 'em sent you!

DONUT 10: TY goes big

What really buried the Nets in overtime were Tyson Chandler and his offensive rebounds. Tyson kept three different possessions alive by going Hulk to secure offensive boards, leading to five second-chance points in the extra frame. Tyson tallied 14 points and 13 rebounds for his 15th double double of the season, which is one shy of his total from last season.


When you vote for "The Dirkie,'' I think TY deserves some consideration. Huge.

DONUT 11: I got Dion Waiters traded

Yes, I got Dion Waiters traded. Send your prayer requests and 50 dollars.
From's Sunday coverage of the Mavs' win at Cleveland:

Just judging from all the Mavericks games I’ve seen the last few years, Dion Waiters is the worst player that has ever lived. He’s now shooting 30 percent from the field and 18 percent from three in his career against the Mavericks.

And voila! Cavs GM LeBron James trades him!

Speaking of transactions, what's the latest on Jermaine O'Neal and Sam Dalembert and the Mavs? Leave it to Fish and D-Lord for the scoop here.

DONUT 12: The Final Word

Here’s that song thing I’m trying out while you contemplate a deep thought:

Maybe Mark Cuban knew what he was doing when he skipped the Deron Williams meeting for "Shark Tank.'' I mean, "Shark Tank'' is still a thing and Deron Williams isn't.

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