Mavs Sources: Will Re-Eval JaVale McGee

Near trade-deadline time, asked Mavs officials for their thoughts on a potentially bought-out JaVale McGee. The reviews were not glowing. But we're told there is a re-examination of the 27-year-old center now that he's got an exit from Philly:

Our Dallas Mavericks sources made it very clear to back at the trade deadline that they don't have a very high opinion of 27-year-old center JaVale McGee.

Is there a change-of-mind today? Let's call it an "opening-of-mind.''

McGee got his big deal (and is still owed part of his $11.2 million salary this season and $12 million next season) and faded. It speaks volumes that Denver had to include a first-round pick to dump him, as hes a 7-footer with shot-blocking skills and is just 27. It also speaks volumes about McGee that Philly, his new team, wants no part of him, ESPN reporting that the Sixers successfully worked to buy him out, with the Sunday midnight deadline for him to find a new team in time to be playoff-eligible for that team.

Can Dallas be that team?

As hungry as the Mavs are for help in this area (Stoudemire is working out as a backup 4 but there are still issues behind TY at the 5), team execs are brainstorming right now to examine ... well, re-examine .. the idea.

McGee is, for his career, an 8.4/5.5 guy but this year in Denver and Philly is at numbers half of that. he's oft-injured and his BBIQ is not considered high. For those reasons, most of the talent evaluators inside of the AAC don't endorse the concept.

Are the Mavs "seriously interested" in McGee? Sure, on some level. That's been the case since they "opened up their minds'' ... and since the Mavs see where they need stretch-run help.

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