Mavs + Parsons: Do We Still Not Get It?

DALLAS - Forgive me for sounding exasperated, but here goes: If Chandler Parsons isn’t living up to 'advertisement' then the only thing you’ve been paying attention to is advertisement and not the actual basketball being played.

Mavs and Parsons

Are we really still having this Chandler Parsons conversation?

The answer is "yes.''

Before you start throwing shade and revert to labeling Chandler as “soft” or “not-as-advertised” or “not living up to expectations,” let me lay out these Dallas Mavericks parameters:


15 points. 37-percent shooting from the arc. 45-percent shooting from the floor. Four rebounds. Two assists.

There are only 10 NBA players carrying those averages thus far this season. Here’s that list:

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, DeMarcus Cousins, Blake Griffin, Chris Bosh, Kevin Martin, Gordon Hayward, Pau Gasol, Chris Paul and ... Chandler Parsons.

If he’s “not as advertised” to you then you’ve probably been had by an email scam from the Prince of Nigeria. What advertisements are you reading? What else did you expect for his first 54 games? You can’t factor in his modeling, his abs, signing his deal in the club and his 15-million dollar salary into what you’ve seen on the court and I’ll tell you why:

The modeling doesn’t matter. His abs don't matter. (Except to him.) Signing his offer with Cuban in the club doesn’t matter. The salary shouldn’t matter. Think of it as Dirk Nowitzki-plus-Chandler making $23 million this year combined because that’s basically what the situation boils down to. When the NBA salary cap bloats over the next few seasons Chandler Parsons’ $15 mil will look like a drop in the bucket.


If you choose to get caught up in the wrong numbers (dollars) instead of the right ones (stats that help Dallas win games, which include his 15.4 points, 2.4 assists and 4.8 rebounds), let me ease your mind just consider that the Mavericks are paying $5 mil a year in “Eat S#$%, Houston” Tax. People cannot get their minds around that number and assume that if you’re in that range you have to be an NBA alpha dog.

But ... That’s what it costs to screw over Daryl Morey. That's what it costs to win the bidding who helps your team win. ... just as he helped Houston win games with very similar basic numbers over the course of his time there.

Yes, getting his marriage with Rajon Rondo to work is taking time. And yes, Parsons missing these last handful of games is annoying but he’s got a damn bone bruise. Let’s not act like each of us doesn’t tap out from work when we eat the whole burrito at lunch.

"He’s doing better,'' coach Rick Carlisle said this week, noting that Parsons (and Tyson Chandler) will join the 40-22 Mavs on their West Coast road trip starting Thursday in Portland. ... but (update) that CP won't be able to play against the Blazers. "We’re just kind of monitoring him day-to-day. He’s on the right track ... He’s got a couple more days.’’

In the meantime, Dallas gets help from other forwards. Like ...

*Al-Farouq Aminu. Of the Mavericks lineups that have played 40+ minutes together, AFA is involved in all of the top four. He’s also involved in five of the top six defensive rating lineups (Rondo is only in one). Since he’s been getting real minutes (January 14th) AFA’s earned a 97.5 defensive rating and a plus +8.8 overall. As a point of comparison, Rondo, since joining the Mavs, is a 99.9 defensive rating for a +4.1 net rating.

*Richard Jefferson. The averages from Jefferson as a starter: 11.3 points, 5.6 rebounds, 48.6-percent shooting and 46.2 percent from 3.

But the job is CP's when he's ready. And if Chandler Parsons isn’t living up to advertisement then the only thing you’ve been paying attention to is advertisement and not the actual basketball being played. I’m tired of having this conversation because it’s lazy and too convenient for fans who know just enough to be dangerous.


This is an especially potent Dallas team with CP in the lineup. ... just as it's an especially ugly Dallas bench when he's sitting there with his ankle problem wearing my mom's clamdiggers.

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