Mavs Deadline News: No On Perk, Prep For OKC

DALLAS - The Mavs are using the buyout process as their way to participate in the West arms race. With OKC on tonight's horizon, Kendrick Perkins comes to mind, with Amare, McGee, Sanders and Martin also worth noting. Deadline details before Mavs-at-Thunder tipoff:

Big man Enes Kanter is being granted his wish: To escape Utah.

Now the big man he was just traded for, Kendrick Perkins, will ask for the same exact wish, in the form of a buyout.

Will the center-starved Dallas Mavericks make a play for Perkins, 30, a nemesis during his time with Oklahoma City, a former Boston teammate/pal of Dallas point guard Rajon Rondo, and a Texas native?


Utah engineered the three-way trade (involving Detroit and OKC’s loss of Reggie Jackson) to move the unhappy Kanter. The Jazz have no great interest in retaining Perkins and his $9.1-million salary. So they will likely workout a buyout, freeing Perkins to go through waivers and then to a new team.

When Perkins is free to sign with another team? All indications are the Clippers will be a favorite, with his former Celtics boss Doc Rivers at the helm. Dallas’ view? The Clippers can have the 6-10, 280-pounder who this year in 19 minutes per is averaging 4.0 points and 5.5 rebounds a game. ... and around these parts has a reputation for being "fake tough.'' (The Mavs have the same lack of regard for JaVale McGee, by the way.)

Dallas used the buyout process to acquire ex-Knick Amare Stoudemire, was hoping Kevin Martin would be freed that way from Minnesota (we’re reporting that hope is dead) and continues to explore the idea as it regards a bought-out (but risky) Larry Sanders from Milwaukee.


Stoudemire will eventually get minutes at the 5, essentially replacing Brandan Wright (dealt away for Rondo). Mavs owner Mark Cuban told this morning that center Bernard James is being given another 10-day and will likely stay with the club the rest of the year.

For tonight’s Mavs at OKC game: Amare won’t play. And the Thunder obviously won’t have Perkins or Jackson. But at the deadline, OKC added Kanter, Novak, Singler and DJ Augustin, thus building themselves a bench … part of the on-going arms race in the West.

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