Mavs Cutting Ledo: Odd-Man-Out With A Wish

DALLAS - Sources close to Ricky Ledo tell that he recently requested the Mavs end their big-league/D-League yo-yo'ing of him ... and now, as Dallas preps for the acquisition of Amare Stoudemire, in a weird sense Ledo he gets his wish.

The Ricky Ledo Experiment is ending for the Dallas Mavericks, who will release the second-year wing to make room on the roster for the impending Amar'e Stoudemire, two sources say.

Ledo, the 43rd-overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, was always seen as an experiment, having moved from high school to a non-playing stint at Providence to the NBA. It never quite worked for him in Dallas, but that was part of the developmental plan -- and why he spent most of his time working in Frisco with the D-League Texas Legends, Dallas' minor-league affiliate.

Ironically, Ledo grew tired of the yo-yo assignments and recently issued a polite request to the organization, to let him stay in Frisco on assignment to play rather than to be called up to sit the bench for the Mavs.

And now he gets that wish of "freedom'' from the Mavs, though this certainly doesn't fit the dream of the 6-6, 200-pound kid who continues to believe he ranks, in terms of talent, with most any other wing in his class.

That never came to fruition, though, at either stop. Nevertheless, an NBA source tells us he thinks there's a "50-50 chance'' he gets claimed by an NBA team, due to both his potential and his cheap contract.

Second-round picks make it rarely enough that this doesn't need to be labeled a "failure,'' especially as it's motivated mostly by the coming signing of free agent Amare Stoudemire, who can become a Mav right after 4 p.m. Wednesday. Also involved here: Jermaine O'Neal's continued non-availability. Dallas planned on having him and Stoudemire, but O'Neal judges himself not yet fit enough to un-retire. Therefore, the Mavs need to continue the employment of 10-day-contract center Bernard James and underachieving center Greg Smith.

The club also hopes to get help from Tyson Chandler (ankle) and Rajon Rondo (broken eye socket) as it moves toward Thursday's game at OKC. Rondo practiced Tuesday and is expected to play, so surgery is not in play -- though a mask might be.

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