Mavs Donuts: Rick's 'Magic Voodoo' Top 10

DALLAS - 'There's not a lot of 'magic voodoo' that you can conjure up,' Mavs coach Rick Carlisle says in this Q-and-A with 'Shan & RJ' on 105.3 The Fan. But there are some answers ... Top-10 Takes from Carlisle in Mavs Donuts. ... And a good-news update on Monta:

MAVS Donuts today presented by the gang at Red Rock Bar & Grill, our North Dallas hangout for sports and live music.


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DONUT 1: Rick on 'The Fan'

Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle hung out with "Shan & RJ'' on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday morning ... and the results? As is usually the case with Rick, you get some "prickly,'' you get some "humorous'' and you get some "insightful.''

DONUT 2: On Dirk

"He has a really good game the other night in Indiana ... He's moving really well. He's worked extremely hard on his body and his conditioning, and his energy levels are good.


"All year long, we've been reluctant to dump a huge load on Dirk. But I think where things are at right now -- this is with the assumption we get healthy -- I like our attack. I like where he's at. ... He's still one of the great players in the league.''

DONUT 3: On adjustments

"In my mind, it was pretty clear there was going to be an adjustment period (after the Rondo trade) and it's ongoing. We're going through the same adjustments with Stoudemire, who has been here, what, three-and-a-half weeks. That's why these last eight games are really important. The formula for ultimate success for us has been elusive, but you've got to stay the course and work towards what it's going to be.''

DONUT 4: On calling out the team

"It's been a tough road, schedule-wise, so it's been very difficult. Now we're dealing with injuries. A challenging stretch. ... I'm reluctant to get into talking about things in the past. Looking forward ... The game (Tuesday) is very important, Oklahoma is a hot team ... it's another opportunity for us. ... Each one of these last eight games has a lot of meaning.''

DONUT 5: On the injuries
"I'm not sure where we are injury-wise. Monta's doing better, but I'm not sure where he is in terms of playing any time soon. Barea's doing better and we'll see where he's at today. There are some other guys banged up ... Right now, one of the key elements is health and we're up against it there. (But) things are what they are. We've got to play better.''

UPDATE: Great Mavs news after the midday practice: Carlisle says 'it looks promising" that Monta will be healthy for OKC after engaging fully in the Tuesday workout.

DONUT 6: On Rondo

"Rondo has one of his best games in Indiana two night ago. I like where he's at. He's attacking the rim, he's made six of his last eight free throws.


"We're continuing to adjust. I'm encouraging him to get in the paint. The more he gets in the paint, the better he plays, the better we play.''

DONUT 7: Hook up with!

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DONUT 8: On rebounding

"It has been (a problem). In terms of reasons why (Tyson and Dirk's rebounds are down), Dirk's minutes are down, so you can surmise that being on the floor fewer minutes a game will affect your numbers. Parsons is here in a different system, and he's out there with Tyson, so that may be a mitigating circumstance. But when it comes down to it, look at OKC's stats and their health: Different guys stepping up and playing well. In their last five wins, they're outrebounding the opponent by nine. That's a wipeout. In their last five losses, they're getting beat by one rebound. So there's a 10-rebound difference for those guys in wins and losses.''

DONUT 9: On Wednesday night vs. OKC

"It's Westbrook attacking almost every time down. ... Gotta give Scott Brooks and their team a lot of credit for hanging in. No Ibaka, no Durant. On paper, it looks like, 'How are these guys even hanging around?' But they're dong more than hanging around.''

DONUT 10: On concern over TY's minutes

"I'm not, because you're looking at the total for the season being high ... but it was higher after the Rondo trade because Wright wasn't in the mix anymore, so he'd gone from 28 minutes to in the 30's. But since we got Stoudemire those minutes are down in the low 30's. I'm not concerned about that once we get to the playoffs because we've got days between games and even longer timeouts because of TV. So, I'm not concerned. And I like Stoudemire and what he's done for us.''

DONUT 11: On goals

"We want to keep working toward our formula for winning, which is pace in the game, low turnovers, doing a good job on the boards and putting the ball in the basket.


"There's not a lot of 'magic voodoo' you can conjure up. Lot of times it comes down to the fact that this is a make-or-miss league ... We've got to get the other team to miss shots and we've got to rebound the basketball. ... Beyond that, we've got to keep things simple.''

DONUT 12: The Final Word

"Going forward, we have eight games and they are all very meaningful. This is the best way to get yourself playing well. As crazy as that sounds, the higher level of competition and the greater need for the team to be together is going to facilitate our best chance of playing well.''

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