Mavs Parsons 'Recruiting' Pat Beverly? Kinda

DALLAS - Two names have popped up as Mavs free-agency 'targets' and they both happen to be point guards. First, gossip on Denver's Ty Lawson. Now, the same for Houston's Patrick Beverly - with his pal Chandler Parsons heading up the recruiting effort. How much fire under the smoke?

Point Guard Chase?

Recent news certainly creates the impression that the Dallas Mavericks are "prioritizing'' point guards. Consider:

*The heavy commitment made to Rajon Rondo that preceded the soap-operatic villain odd exit.

*The report that Dallas and Denver's Ty Lawson have some sort of "mutual interest'' in one another.


*'s report this weekend that highlights upcoming pre-Draft visits from point guards Tyus Jones, Jerian Grant and Delon Wright.

And now this: Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley is heading into (restricted) free agency this summer and his pal Chandler Parsons -- Dallas' self-proclaimed "recruiting'' expert -- is flirting. Beverley has said little about being anything but a Rocket, but ...

“I hear from Chandler every day,” Beverley tells the Houston Chronicle. “It’s hard, but I try not to think about (free agency). I can’t talk about contracts. It’s going to be a fun summer. I have put myself in a position to be set for life and that’s something that I never thought was possible growing up.”

Let's make some sense of all this.

The swing on Rondo (let's leave out the "miss'' part) certainly illustrates where the 2014-15 Mavs thought they were lacking. Going forward, Dallas still needs perimeter defenders, yes; in the playoffs the Mavs allowed 112.6 points per 100 possessions against Houston, never quite finding a way to even close on perimeter shooters, let alone actually stop them.

But going forward, Dallas needs lots of things. Like, everything, given that the roster is presently so stripped down.

The Lawson idea is a media creation (and maybe even a Lawson creation) more than it is a Mavs vision, as we explain here. The Mavs' pre-Draft invitee list is a very real thing (here's last week's group and here's the more high-profile visitors this week) but just because the list is highlighted by those three point guards doesn't mean it's limited to point guards, as Premium Mavs Fans can see.

Dallas doesn't "need a point guard.'' (Actually, with Devin Harris one of the few Mavs under contract, it could be argued that Dallas needs a point guard less than any other position rather than the position of "7-foot German icon.'') Dallas needs stud players in whatever size or shape or style available.

I don't know what James Harden’s vote on Houston retaining Beverly is (but I bet he'll get one) and I don't know what Beverly's value is or if at some later point the Mavs will wish to get involved in a Parsons-like bidding war for Beverly, who is restricted and therefore comes with a build-in Houston ability to match and retain.


But I know there cannot and will not be ammo used on second-tier point guards (or second-tier players at any position) until after the Mavs have fired their big shots at the "big shots.''

In other words, if Chandler Parsons really wants to help ... he needs to start texting, flirting and partying with the likes of Mavs target DeAndre Jordan and the likes of Mavs target LaMarcus Aldridge. ... Oh, and if RFA is the way, wouldn't you prefer a bid on Bulls restricted free agent Jimmy Butler?

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