Mavs Charlie Villanueva: Season In Review

DALLAS - Our Mavs Player-by-Player Season In Review series continues with Charlie Villanueva and his 'flamethrower' ...

Villanueva In Review

On September 23, 2014, Charlie Villanueva signed a one-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks (a contract that was not guaranteed when he was brought into camp). When he shot he way onto the team as a surprise -- because of his "flamethrower,'' as Dirk called it -- the original plan was for Charlie V to work from the far end of the bench and maybe bring the Mavs some occasional long-range shooting. Indeed, he spent most of the first half of the season as a reserve struggling to find a way into the rotation. As the season progressed into late January and the All-Star Break, however, Villanueva was able to carve out a role as a back up to Dirk, and filling in in certain sets for Al-Farouq Aminu.

"Charlie is ready every time he steps in the game,’’ coach Rick Carlisle said.

The Numbers

On the season, the Queens, NY native averaged 6.3 points and 2.3 boards per game in 64 games. Villanueva’s best performance of the season came in a 115-98 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on February 9 in which he scored 26 points and grabbed five rebounds in 23 minutes. In total, Villanueva shot 38 percent from three-point range, and was one of the better long-range snipers for the Mavs all season long. ... though we sometimes argued that the green light was a little too green.

The Video

As shown in the video below, Villanueva can get hot very quickly and be extremely dangerous from downtown. Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen enough on a regular basis for Charlie V to make a difference in the Mavs playoff series against Houston.

The Future

Entering the 2015 offseason, Villanueva is an unrestricted free agent. He has expressed interest in returning to Dallas next season, but the Mavericks will have other priorities this summer. While there is a chance that the 6-11 sharpshooter will return to help fill out the roster after the Mavs hunt for a big fish in free agency, Dallas’s attention will undoubtedly be focused on the likes of DeAndre Jordan and LaMarcus Aldridge. Depending on how those level of acquisitions/contracts are structured, the Mavs might need "cheap labor'' to fill out the roster.

Also worth noting as Dallas works to build a locker room: Villanueva's teammates truly root for him. He's got attributes as a "Glue Guy.''

The Final Word

“It felt like this organization gave me an opportunity, gave me a chance and took a chance on me,'' Charlie V said at Exit Interview Day. "I’m loyal, and I would love to be back ...''

Charlie V's Season Grade: C-plus.

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