Mavs Rajon Rondo: Season In Review

DALLAS - Our Mavs Player-by-Player Season In Review series continues with Rajon Rondo, his almost unprecedented act of defiance - and why Dallas keeps playing nice with him ...

Rondo In Review

On December 18th, 2014 the Dallas Mavericks made a trade that would set the tone for the rest of their season – the acquisition of Rajon Rondo. First, it is important that Mavericks fans to note (and most of them do by now) that Cuban and Donnie and company made this move with the best of intentions. Many ‘experts’ believed that this would elevate Dallas into elite status in the Western Conference. ("Experts'' including us homers, who bought into Rondo's "parade'' talk.) Unfortunately for Dallas, they made a bad call. Instead of bringing in an efficient floor general to take them to the next level, they got a divisive, stubborn cancer.


Rondo, who has always been painted as ‘the smartest guy in the room,'' may have been exactly that most of his basketball life, but not in this case. Before his arrival, Dallas had one of the most explosively efficient offenses in the NBA with Jameer Nelson and Devin Harris at the helm, as well as an elite X’s-and-O’s coaches in the NBA. After RR's arrival, that efficiency dropped off, and what were first thought to be ‘growing pains’ was soon realized to be what it actually was – a bad fit, made worse by a bad apple.

The Numbers

With the Mavericks, Rondo averaged 9.3 points and 6.5 assists in 46 games (not too far off of his career averages). While there were fairly good stretches for Rondo statistically in Dallas, he was simply too inconsistent. However, as stated above, he took one of the most efficient offenses in the league and turned it into… well… just another offense. Far beyond the numbers in fact, was what he did to the Mavericks locker room, causing conflicts with Rick Carlisle when he disagreed with the boss' way of thinking. The Rondo saga all came to a head when, in game two of the Mavs first-round series in Houston, he simply gave up on the team. The Mavs even went so far as to create a ‘back injury’ just so they could send him back from whence he came.

Or, better said, so they can send him someplace beneficial to all. Dallas included, with a hoped-for sign-and-trade.

The Video

As seen in the videos below, Rondo was simply just a pain in Rick Carlisle’s ass from beginning to end.

A uniquely gifted pain in the ass? Maybe. But a pain in the ass nevertheless.

The Future

No one in the Mavs organization, or fan base, including Rondo himself, would like to see the Kentucky native return to Big D. His non-playoff-share vote result in the locker room (orchestrated, maybe, by someone above the players but nevertheless agreed upon in the locker room) tells you that.

Therefore, this summer, Rondo will more than likely be a sign-and-trade candidate for Dallas in the hunt for a big fish. (Or whatever fish fits.) Smart money has been on Rondo landing in Los Angeles with one Kobe Bryant. Is that still smart?


While we at are sure that will work out great for both of them, it is not hard to imagine the Black Mamba and Rajon ‘Franklin the Turtle” Rondo blowing each other up ... and when that happens to the Lakers, that's pretty much our second favorite form of NBA entertainment.

The Final Word

Do the Mavs get credit for trying hard and for swinging big? We suppose. But this season-saving swing turned out to be a season-ruining one. Based on the bad taste left in our mouths along ... the Season Grade for Rondo? F. ... And see our full series of Player-by-Player reviews here in Mavs Archives.

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