Mavs Tyson To Suns; Musical Chairs Thinnning

When it comes to Tyson Chandler, the Mavs have loved and lost. Twice, with TY signing with Phoenix. And in the game of Musical Chairs at it involves free-agent centers, they are working feverishly to not lose anymore.

The Dallas Mavericks love Tyson Chandler now. Just as they loved him in 2011.

And they've lost him now, thanks to Phoenix giving him a four-year deal worth $52 million, just as they lost the best center in franchise history four years ago.

Chandler was a stud in his most recent go-around in Dallas (again), in 2014-15 giving the Mavs 11.5 rebounds per while averaging 10.3 points per and providing the club with leadership and class following his trade back to Dallas from the Knicks a year ago.

He was, simply, Dallas' No. 2 choice this time around, behind DeAndre Jordan, with whom the Mavs have had two meetings today. That can still work ... though if Dallas steals Jordan, it won't be on the strength of a sign-and-trade to the Clips. If that happens, the Clips will have a huge void at the position. And if the Clips keep Jordan? The Mavs' problems there will be similar.

Oh, Mavs fans will get beyond the emotion of losing TY (I think). And maybe the organization will quit thinking its stars will "work with the team to find the best solution for everyone.'' Just as Tyson and Kidd didn't do that a few years ago, Tyson and Aminu have re-established the concept as a myth today.

Dallas will eventually hire a center. Jordan would be a prize. And if not? I spoke to Brandan Wright. He's intrigued after a night of what he calls "phone tag'' with the Mavs. Monta Ellis is in Indy today. Maybe you rehab Roy Hibbert's career. I don't know.

Additionally, there are still things to be salvaged from TY's departure, and yes, that includes the same sort of S&T applied with the Suns. There's nothing obligated, though, and maybe no financial need, either, to swap out, say, Eric Bledsoe. Now, if the Suns also get LaMarcus Aldridge? OK, maybe Phoenix moves some parts then.

But wait: The Suns are in the bidding for Aldridge, just like the (front-runner) Spurs and the (finger-crossing) Mavs are? Yup. In fact, according to reports, guess who was paraded into Phoenix' recruiting meeting with LaMarcus to help show him all of the Suns' new promise?

That would be none other than Tyson Chandler, proving to the Mavs yet again how "love'' and "loyalty'' can get confused.

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