Mavs Donuts: A 12-Step Program To Reloading

Dirk helped lure Chandler Parsons. Who helped lure Wes Matthews. Who helped lure DeAndre Jordan. Good players are suddenly begetting good players. 'Plan Powder' is suddenly ... working?! 'Mavs Donuts: The Ongoing 12-Step Program To Reloading':

DONUT 1: DeAndre DeLivered

The Dallas Mavericks made their bromance promises and got their man, a "franchise player,'' Mark Cuban tells me in this 1-on-1 interview, in DeAndre Jordan.


There is a lot of talk about DJ being "The Man'' and being a "20/20 guy'' and being "Shaq-like.'' Most of that talk comes from Cuban himself. ... and it's causing Mavs critics to howl.

But understand this: It doesn't matter if media or fans believe the Mavs sales pitch to DeAndre. It matters that DeAndre believed. Between the wining and the dining and the pool-partying and the bromancing and the homecoming and the Cowboys ... DeAndre believed.

DONUT 2: Junior Big-Fish

Did the Mavs pull off the "Double-Pipedream?" No. That amounts to luring two max guys. Doable (as the Lakers, Suns and others all proved as they try/tried to do exactly the same thing we've been talking about Dallas being able to do). But how about the "Junior Double-Pipedream?"

A healthy
Wesley Matthews on a four-year deal (worthy about $51 mil ... depending) qualifies. He's a classic 3-and-D player, he's a workaholic, he was beloved in Portland, he turned down a bigger offer from Sacto to come here without even knowing what his salary would be, exactly...


Now the rehab just needs to go well enough for him to really be Wesley "Ironman'' Matthews. Should there be some concern that he'll never quite be the same as he was before the Achillies tendon rupture? Yes. But Dallas' best bet here is the thumbs-up that must've come from team trainer Casey Smith, as good as there is in this business.

DONUT 3: The Departed, West

Tyson Chandler is out, bound for Phoenix. The Best Mavs Center There Ever Was simply wasn't going to wait for the Mavs to decide whether or not their first choice was going to pan out. Good thing for Dallas it did, in the form of Jordan.

So was the TY-Dallas connection immediately dead? No, Dear Reader. Please continue ...

DONUT 4: The Departed, East

Monta Ellis is out, having accepted a four-year, $44-mil deal from Indy. Bittersweet in so many ways.

So was the Monta-Dallas connection immediately dead? No, Dear Reader. Please continue ...

DONUT 5: The Departed, Northwest

OK, I won't do it to you after this one last time. Aminu is out, bound for Portland. He wasted zero time, too, yet another guy who simply wasn't going to wait for the Mavs to decide whether or not some other plan was going to pan out.

So was the AFA-Dallas connection immediately dead? No, Dear Reader. Please continue ...

DONUT 6: The Please-Continue Payoff

The reason Tyson/Monta/Aminu remained "in play'' for Dallas is because Sign-and-Trades -- the wildly complex method of moving, increasing and utilizing cap room -- remained in play. Even late last night, well after the future teams of those guys was determined, the S&T was a subject of Mavs conversation as it related to the chase for Lakers free-agent point guard Jeremy Lin.

A Suns SNT chance evaporated early. But the concept of the SNT, somehow, some way, remains in play. For an examination of how this stuff works, dig in here.

DONUT 7: Replacing AFA

A potential Aminu Starter Kit? That comes in the form of Jeremy Evans, the high-flying 6-9 forward late of the Jazz who comes here on a two-year minimum deal. You may have heard of him not because of the big numbers he's put up on the floor but rather ...

DONUT 8: Stay informed!

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DONUT 9: More Familiar Faces

Richard Jefferson will be back on a vets-minimum, and his presence during a tipsy weekend brunch on Manhattan Beach alongside Parsons and Cuban was meant to be the clue.

The team wants JJ Barea to come back as well, getting paid more than that, but having to wait for it while Dallas juggles dollars and order and assets.

We've rounded up a lot of The Usual Suspects as guys who can help as Merry Minimums. Charlie V, Jermaine O'Neal, Rashard Lewis, guys of that caliber.


And yes, Dallas has touched base with Jason Terry ... but tap the brakes here. Sources tell me it's too early to characterize this idea as "serious.'' Jet as a deep catch-and-shoot role player. Maybe. But too early for the organization to be able to tell him "yes'' just yet.

DONUT 10: The 'No' Deals

In regard to Lin: Mavs sources on Sunday afternoon told of their intensified search for a starting point guard. But when the name of Lin comes up, the magic number is '2.' And when the name of Deron Williams comes up, the magic number is '4.' And then there was '1' 'mystery PG' being considered as well. The Premium scoop inside ...

Meanwhile, as Dallas visits with LA (haunted as we are by thoughts of Odom) know that stories out of there linking the Mavs to Nick "Swaggy P'' Young are bogus. "No chance at all,'' a disinterested Mavs source tells


As we've noted frequently: The Mavs need to WIN a trade like this. Not trade to trade. And if there's not a WIN, move onto the next point guard candidate.

DONUT 11: The Downside of 'What If'

In our visit, Mark Cuban says Dallas would've "absolutely" gone "Team Tank'' had this Summer Shopping not landed DeAndre. It's hard to believe, as competitive as he is, that he would've conceded a season. Or two. Or three. Because who thinks it's automatic that being bad once suddenly makes you good again?

But in any event, it's a damn good thing "Plan Powder'' finally worked. Because I can educated-guess that one of the negative ramifications of losing on purpose and maybe being in rebuilding mode forever wouldn't have been the best lure to keep title-minded coach Rick Carlisle, now entering the final year of his contract, as part of "The Triangle of Trust.''

DONUT 12: The Final Word

The Mavs think they're in play for Kevin Durant next summer, writes SI's Chris Mannix, And of course they do, because everybody should. Color me "skeptical'' here because of "The One-Percent Chance Rule,'' if nothing else. Oh, and the CBA that favors OKC. And the cap explosion that helps everybody. And the long-standing (maybe) attraction to the Wizards on the part of the native of that area. And a skillion other reasons that there really cannot be a direct tie between a future free agent of that level and the Mavs.


Except ... Dirk helped lure Chandler Parsons. Who helped lure Wes Matthews. Who helped lure DeAndre Jordan. Good players are suddenly begetting good players. You'll be able to tell how real this sort of feeling is for then by some of the moves made now, because the financial dominoes need to be arranged just right. But you can also believe that right now the Mavs are figuratively admiring their flexed muscles in the mirror, believing the undoable is doable, believing once again that somebody besides them believes in "Because It's Dallas.''

But that's then. This is now ... and "now'' is providing you the most positively action-packed Mavs Summer Shopping season there has ever been

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