Mavs Trade Brainstorm Using Charlotte Pieces

Would Charlotte makes an interesting potential trade partner for the Mavs in June? And later? We brainstorm an idea:

Would Charlotte makes an interesting potential trade partner for the Mavs in June? And later?

The Dallas Mavericks and Hornets have a history of doing deals, and teams seem to return to the same well when they're thirsty. Both have needs. Both are, and will be, looking for help. Will they look to each other again?


There is word that the Hornets are seriously eyeballing R.J. Hunter as a possible draft choice, who is likely to be a very late first rounder rather than fit at 9 where the Hornets pick. (See our down-in-the-Mavs-basement look at Hunter's Dallas visit here.) And the Hornets are supposedly less-than-enamored with adding another top-10 draftee, who would be getting a big guaranteed salary while learning to play the NBA game, and has been rumored by NBA sources to be quite open to dealing their pick.

The Mavs pick at 21. They may be interested in paying the price to move up to 9 with its higher salary and better selection.

The Hornets also reportedly have no desire to keep Matt Barnes, who they got in the Lance Stephenson trade with the Clippers. While they can always waive him and pay off the $1 million that would be due to do so, they could also use him as trade fodder instead. And perhaps they are open to moving others as well.

At the moment, the Mavs' trade assets are limited. But they have been trying to find a way to move Ray Felton, a former starting PG in Charlotte, whose main value to Dallas is his possible usefulness as trade filler. Barnes might be more useful to Dallas as a player, although he wouldn't have the same value as trade filler with a slightly smaller contract and an inability to aggregate his contract in a trade for someone like Jordan or Aldridge.


Once we get to July, the possibilities grow. For example, would that offense-needing team in Charlotte be an ideal landing spot for Monta Ellis? Would the Mavs want to land Mo WIlliams as a combo guard? Bismack Biyombo as a backup center? There are multiple possibilities here for both teams to help each other in July, depending on how the summer plays out.

Here at, we've spent a lot of time talking about the Mavs' "big fish" priorities this summer, and those aren't likely to change. But lots more will be on the table, too. Let's see if Charlotte is a place to keep an eye on.

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