Mavs + Jimmy Butler? What's Bulls Star Want?

When we suggested this idea on May 7, Bulls fans didn't like it. Mavs fans loved it. Five weeks later, there's credible story from Woj that supports our general thinking on Jimmy Butler's willingness to listen to restricted-free-agent offers.

There are speculative ideas and then there are sources plans. And sometimes they co-mingle beautifully.

On Tuesday afternoon, Woj wrote a Yahoo piece detailing how Jimmy Butler "has plans to pursue shorter-term offer sheets this summer, resisting the Bulls’ initial plans to offer him a five-year, maximum contract extension.''


As someone who covers the Dallas Mavericks, Butler's sentiment makes all the sense in the world to me. Why? Because it's a sentiment I hoped he had when I first wrote on May 7 about the possibility of him exploring leaving the Bulls.

It was on May 7 when I wrote, as part of a general summer Mavs blueprint (see the entire piece here) that a "Priority A ... would be to find a 2-way starting guard at either SG or PG. One who plays credible defense, along with have a useful ability to score and contribute on offense. And I'd want to make this happen by using either Rondo or Ellis as a S&T asset, because staying over the cap will allow much more salary for roster building.

Which guard would I want? At the top is Jimmy Butler.''

Woj's story advances the ball and that's good. ... But nothing's changed from my original view: I'd certainly offer the max to Butler, if I'm Dallas. I would do so knowing Chicago has the inside track. I would do so knowing this is mostly a longshot. But I wanted to explore this then ... and I really want to explore it now.

If Monta Ellis wants to leave, he might be a good Sign-and-Trade fit with the Bulls' offensive needs, so I'm offering Ellis and a barely-protected pick. And GMs do dream of getting a pick with little protection, because ya never know. And yes, Bulls fans, I know this idea offends you ... Monta for Butler?! No way!'' And yes, Mavs fans, I hear you, too: "C'mon, D-Lord, you're dreaming!''

But you know, "dreaming'' is the trigger to how these things eventually happen. Dreaming and research and effort ... and it's how to find a way to examine Aldridge and Jordan and any other big idea ... including Butler, which I think might be the "LeBron Get" for the Mavs this summer, such a great fit that I have to hope and ask and see and try.

I can play with a lot of 2-guard ideas here, and have, and will continue to. Let's try (a) George Hill (via a 1-for-1 using Ellis in a Sign-and-Trade), the idea being that Indy has really needed offense so perhaps they would love this, or (b) Danny Green (maybe in the $7-8 mil range?) perhaps using Rondo-to-LA as the outgoing salary match, plus something for SA, the key here being SA going a different direction with their money or not wanting to invest that much in Green, and netting something for nothing.


As you see here, and in the links below, we like brainstorming and spitballing and then seeing how the ideas might be vaulted into reality. And, it seems, Jimmy Butler does, too.

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