Mavs Draft: Singh Reasons = DeAndre Desire

The truth of what Indian center Satnam Singh Bhamara represents to the Mavs includes marketing, no doubt. And potential, quite possibly. But the most important tentacle of all? A tie to free-agent star DeAndre Jordan. The three-pronged story from Mavs sources:

The Dallas Mavericks selected 19-year-old center Satnam Singh Bhamara in the second round with the 52nd overall pick in Thursday's NBA Draft ... and hilarity ensued. The Mavs even got in on the comedy, GM Donnie Nelson speaking some of the native language of Bhamara - the first player born in India to be drafted in the NBA - and owner Mark Cuban joking that he's "9-foot-3'' and seeming to insist that the gigantic kid is a 3-point threat.

Bhamara stands at 7-2, but could not qualify academically in India to play Division I basketball in the United States. He attended IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. He was a pre-Draft invitee into the basement at the AAC and really did show something in terms of shooting touch and, obviously, size.

Said Dirk Nowitzki: "He'a a big boy. "He is a big boy,'' Dirk said of Satnam Singh Bhamar, warmly calling him "my guy.'' :His hands almost wrapped around mine. … He’s actually pretty skilled for his size. ... I didn't think it was possible, but I think we found somebody in the draft who is slower than me."

As a 15-year-old, Bhamara represented India in the 2011 FIBA Asia Championships. He is, or has a chance to be, a national hero. Being the first Indian-born player drafted into the NBA will do that. But that's only part of this transaction. There are, in total, three parts.

1) Cuban is only half-joking when he says the Mavs just added a "billion new fans,'' due to the untapped market in India. Marketing is indeed in play here. The owner keeps calling Singh a "legend.'' In doing so, he's referencing the chance for the kid to be a big fish in the D-League pond in Frisco.

2) This may be P-Pod II. ... but that foreign giant was the No. 21 overall pick by Dallas. This is a flyer on size. Maybe he can play a lick. Doubtful ... No. 52 picks usually can't. But maybe.

3) Singh is represented by Dan Fegan, the superagent with whom the Mavs have a great relationship ... and a relationship made even greater, maybe, by the fact that Fegan also reps DeAndre Jordan, a prime FA target of Dallas'. Sources tell me this is not a coincidence. It's not the stuff that "locks'' are made of ... but it's not a reach, either. Not a reach outside of the true tentacles of this deal, anyway.

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