Mavs Sign Jeremy Evans + Launch-Pad Promise

In trying to picture the future of Jeremy Evans, one doesn't have to squint too much to see someone with Aminu/B-Wright-level athleticism. And when you decide where to look for that picture and with that squint, make sure you look above the rim:

Jeremy Evans has agreed to a two-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks, a contract at the league minimum ... for talent far above that level.


Jeremy Evans Free Agent Profile

With their ‘big fish’ already hooked and reeled in on July 3rd, the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday added another piece to next season’s roster, agreeing to a deal with 6’9” free agent forward Jeremy Evans. Evans, who played his last four seasons in Utah, comes to the Mavs on a two-year deal at the leagues minimum salary. Evans, who is known primarily as a high-flying dunk specialist, has the potential to bring a dimension to the Mavs offense at the wing and at the rim in a way that will draw comparisons to B-Wright as a leaper, to Aminu because there is some both-end versatility there, and to Gerald Green because, well, of Slam-Dunk Contest stuff.

As a defender, Evans is explosive; he excels at shot-blocking due to his length and jumping ability. But he struggles on other areas of the floor. In short, Evans has the potential to contribute on a rotational level, but whether or no he will earn the minutes to be a productive member of the team remains to be seen.

The Numbers

In his four years playing for the Utah Jazz, the former NBA Slam Dunk Champion (2012) has played sporadically at best, averaging only four points and 2.8 rebounds per game in 11.6 minutes. In the 2013-14 season however, Evans’s role with the Jazz increased, as he averaged 6.1 points and 4.7 boards in 18.6 minutes per game, primarily as a rotation back up to Derrick Favors. The Jazz have played Evans out of position for the majority of his career, playing him at power forward instead of his natural small forward position. Or, maybe, he doesn't really have a position quite yet. This past season, Evans saw his minutes drop off, as averaged just 2.4 points and 1.9 rebounds in 38 games.

The Video

As seen in the video below, Evans is a launching-pad athlete who can finish strong at the rim and block shots. Unfortunately, he can’t do much else offensively. This is a project that coach Rick Carlisle likely looks forward to working with ...

To the layman, you can see some Aminu in there.

The Future

Next season, we see Evans as a rotational player at best, with the potential to increase his minutes if he can improve his shooting and perimeter defense during the off-season. As it stands right now though, the Western Kentucky product seems to be roster-filler in the sense that Dallas will continue to chase talent to fill their reloading roster.

Final Word

I want to thank the dallas mavs for welcoming me to your family!!! I'm so excited to join the team!!! GO MAVS!!! - Evans on Twitter.

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