Mavs, Plan A Dead, So They Execute 'Plan ZZ'

DALLAS - The Mavs' Plan A is in shambles. So ... it's a trade for Zaza Pachulia and ... Plan ZZ?

The Mavs' Plan A is in shambles. So ... Plan ZZ?

That would be embodied by center Zaza Pachulia, acquired from the Bucks on Thursday for a future second-round pick, an action taken in the wake of the unprecedented screw job appies to Dallas by the Clippers and reneging star DeAndre Jordan.

Dallas put its eggs in the DeAndre basket, secured an agreement with him, and then lost him when he flirted with his former team the Clippers, who then babysat him through a Wednesday that kept the Mavs from even meeting with "their'' prize acquisition.

With DeAndre now an afterthought in Big D (albeit a nightmare of a nightmare of an afterthought) the Mavericks began moving forward with their attempt to piece together a roster including the 6’11” Pachulia, the Georgian who does little things ... shooting 81.7 percent from the line while in Milwaukee and also bringing a nasty streak to the court that the Mavs definitely need up front, as seen in the video below.

Pachulia is not only fearless when banging around the basket, but he also shows nice touch from mid-range and is a very good offensive rebounder. ZaZa is also an above average facilitator for his position, and while he is no Marc Gasol, he possesses a very unique skillset for a back up big-man. He is not going to block very many shots, and he is not going to wow anybody with his athleticism, but Pachulia is a decent frontcourt piece.

Look, we realize that this isn’t the name that Mavs fans wanted or expected to hear a week ago, but we are trying to be optimistic here. Pachulia does bring some nice things to the court, and they are some things that someone like Rick Carlisle could use in his gameplan. (And we do want to keep coach, in his final contractual year, happy.)

So in a move that looks something shy of "Team Tank,' the 31-year-old Pachulia comes to Dallas with his averages of 8.3 points and 6.8 rebounds from last season in Milwaukee. Pachulia is a tough guy, a good defender and a rugged rebounder and he's in the last year of a deal that pays him just over $5 mil. So he's expiring, and Wes Matthews is signed to a bloated (but understandable, if you read deal that starts at $16 mil, and there is $11 more in cap room and there is Chandler Parsons and there is Dirk Nowitzki.

This was not at all "the plan.'' But it's "a plan.''

Plan ZZ.

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