Mavs Bring Dalembert Back To Dallas

'Somnambulant Sam' is returning to Dallas for a second stint with the Mavs. Dalembert as the rim-protecting part of the 'two-headed center' along with Zaza represents the best available post-DeAndre answer.

After DeAndre Jordan left the Mark Cuban at the altar earlier this month, The Dallas Mavericks were left to pick up the pieces and find another player to man the middle and pair with Zaza Pachulia. After searching the free-agent market up and down looking for a fit, the Mavs decided to bring someone familiar back into the fold -- Samuel Dalembert.

Dalembert, who last played for the Mavs during the 2013-2014 season, was traded by the Mavs as part of the Tyson Chandler deal that also saw Shane Larkin and Jose Calderon head to NYC. In his last stint with Dallas, Dalembert averaged 6.6 points, 6.8 boards, and 1.2 blocks per game… serviceable numbers for a big man splitting time with couple of other players.

As seen below, Dalembert has the ability to bring some things to the court that the Mavs need right now. Despite his age (34), he’s an above-average shot blocker, averaging 1.7 per game in his career, and a decent rebounder, averaging 7.8 per game in his career.

When it comes down to it, the 13-year NBA vet is a serviceable piece to add to the roster and may even win the starting job. (Having said that: If the price is right, there's no reason to quit shopping for bodies. We've noted that as it regards JaVale McGee here and as it relates to overseas guys like Salah Mejri and Augusto Lima here. Last year in New York, however, he averaged just four points and 5.3 boards in just 32 appearances and in the aftermath of his departure, Phil Jackson has gone public with Sam's tendency to fall asleep in team meetings, reminiscent of the sort of struggles coach Rick Carlisle once had with him here.

What we all hope is a "wake-up call'' from Dallas comes in the form of what we understand is a one-year vet's-minimum deal to join a group that also includes prospect Jarrid Famous ... and maybe more names, too.

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