Source: Sanders Not On Mavs' Wish List

DALLAS - The Mavs are wide-open to the idea of almost anybody as a center candidate. But there is no opening here for the gifted-but-troubled Larry Sanders. Here's the scoop:

Larry Sanders, 26, is a shot-blocking, rim-protecting 6-11 center who, on paper, solves a volume of Mavs problems. But a sources tells that while Dallas is examining all sorts of bigs -- Dalembert and McGee and Seraphin and the like -- they aren't examining Sanders.

Sanders and the Milwaukee Bucks parted ways when he obtained a buyout, the result of him essentially not liking basketball anymore. His buyout means he will receive $1.9 million over the next seven years from the Bucks by virtue of the NBA's stretch provision

That was how the Bucks got out of the deal given Sanders when signed a four-year $44 million dollar contact in 2013. He sustained injuries (including ones that occurred due to misbehavior) and he absorbed suspensions (drug-related) and hhe only played 60 games since signing the contract.

He won't get the $44 mil. But he'll get $22 mil of it. And that, it seems, is plenty.

"He doesn't want to play basketball anymore,'' a source close to Sanders' situation tells

There has been whispered Mavs interest in Sanders in the past (as has documented). They never really had much fear of his contract and certainly have no reason to now. Perhaps his medical issues are no biggie. And this team always thinks it can deal with the flaws in a guy's game, too.

But we've always viewed that last drug suspension as a game-changer, the straw that breaks the camel's back, regarding what their interest should be. We've said Sanders in Dallas would mean the import of a player who brings the Sword of Damocles to hang over their franchise, because the next failed test will have even bigger repercussions.

The big money is gone so those repercussions are lessened. The Mavs' need has never been greater so the risks might be more worth taking. But Sanders isn't interested in any basketball team. So this basketball team isn't interested in him.

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