The Buyer's Remorse Of DeAndre Jordan

Our Zack Cunningham digs into the buyer's-remorse habits of almost-a-Mav center DeAndre Jordan.

Buyer's remorse is a crazy feeling.

In 2009, I dropped $700 on a new desktop computer. I had barely made it out the doors of Best Buy before that nagging feeling told me to go back in, return it and let that money burn a hole in my pocket for the next year. I was 23 and it was a sizeable chunk of my bank account.

In 2010, my first-ever car blew a head gasket. I had no other choice but to buy a new car and, yes, even then buyer's remorse was present. I was short $8,000 suddenly. It happens and it's the natural course of things.

I'd imagine if I had access to untold millions of dollars while living wild and free in Los Angeles in my early 20s that I'd have a hard time committing to managing my money wisely and considering the value of a dollar like I had in my past. 

This apparently is the curse of DeAndre Jordan and it doesn't stop with buying fancy cars.

Shortly after Jordan reneged on his verbal commitment to Dallas, tales of those in the know with him tried to explain to disappointed Mavericks' fans that this is basically business as usual for the uber-talented center. He gets buyer's remorse with ... everything.

This reputation extended to the locker room. Jordan had been known to purchase expensive cars only to return them shortly thereafter, obviously feeling the pinch of dropping more on a vehicle than most Americans would consider for a starter home and being unsure about that decision.

Jordan goes through agents in similar fashion. His recent breakup with Dan Fegan and Relativity Sports after this summer's fiasco (and another oddity in his Date-Night Dodge, as Mark Cuban explains here) was his third split in seven years and does little to move him away from the perception that he can't honor his commitments, manage himself responsibly, or handle strenuous situations like a mature adult.

He detailed that he felt "manipulated" by Fegan this summer given the agent’s ties with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and what he interpreted as a corresponding push to join Dallas in the offseason instead of re-signing with the Clippers. Jordan's mother was also vocal about this aspect of the process and echoed her son's thoughts. 


We love Moms. But … It’s important to remember Jordan is 26.

If DeAndre's history didn't suggest a pattern of wishy-washy behavior, this whole thing might be more understandable from the average NBA fan standpoint. Heck, even Mavericks fans might be a little more empathetic, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

It's one thing to be nervous about a life-changing commitment and to feel pushed into doing something you don't agree is in your best interest. That's normal. It's another thing to handle every conceivable step of relaying that indecision in a manner more befitting of a fourth-grader than a responsible adult, and that's the path Jordan took. That's why he's getting more eye rolls than empathy with regard to his perceived treatment by Fegan.

Tweeting out non-apologies and spouting vague anecdotes about life and the choices we make does not a bridge un-burn. Leaving important parties in the cold while reversing course doesn't lend the best impression and icing out your agent altogether just hours away from the free-agent moratorium does not absolve him of any potential wrongdoing he may have been guilty of. 


It remains to be seen if all this will result in a more mature and focused Jordan in 2018 when he can test free agency again, but the preliminary signs are not encouraging ... though I doubt Mavs' fans are holding their breath anyways. And it certainly feels like other NBA execs may share the same sentiment.

I’m not convinced that Dallas “dodged a bullet’’ here by losing somebody it wanted; to suggest that would make the Mavs sound as wishy-washy as DeAndre sounds. But I am convinced that there’s a shot he will help the Clippers be dysfunctional … and I say that hopefully, because for the Mavs to keep their heads above some Western waters this year, they’ll need some of their competitors to be goofy, immature and uncommitted.

And DeAndre Jordan has proven to be that.

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