Mavs Can Benefit From New 1-8 Playoff Format

The NBA is changing its playoff format. And the Dallas Mavericks can benefit from the logical move.

NBA playoff seeding is too often a tangled web of nonsensical rewards. That is changing immediately. And it’s a good start.

It happens all too often, a poor team somehow getting a postseason berth above a superior team. Why? Because that "poor team'' won its division … an outmoded concept that once upon a time had to do with which side of the Mississippi River your gym was located on …

And now that’s dead. Now? I short, a division title guarantees nothing. In fact, you could win your division and not even make the playoffs.

The NBA has announced that going forward the top eight teams in each conference will be seeded for the playoffs based upon their records. It seems so logical, so simple … and good on new commissioner Adam Silver for once again overseeing a natural change for the better.

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It’s still advantageous to win your division because a title is a second tiebreaker after head-to-head record. But for the most part, a team like the Mavs now avoids an unfair penalty for having to play in the loaded Southwest Division, where they have little chance of jumping ahead of, say, the Spurs … but shouldn’t be punished just because they aren’t in the same division with a team with inferior records.

Where this needs to go: The complete elimination of divisions — and conferences — altogether. 

There are still, and will always be, some imbalances. Travel for teams in the populous East is less demanding than travel for the Blazers, Jazz and Nuggets, for instance. But now that playoffs are essentially 1-8 in each conference, we’re step closer to playoffs becoming 1-16. 

The concept of “divisions’’ is an arcane one. But so it is with “conferences,’’ which is borne of baseball’s “American League’’ and “National League’’ actually having been separate leagues, and thus the “World Series’’ was the season-ending way of bringing them together.

That’s dead now. So NBA divisions are all-but dead. The regional concept is actually sort of comical; the champion Warriors are based in Oakland, California, an entire continent away from a Memphis, Tennessee team that it needed to beat to advance. In the specific case of the Mavs, Dallas is no more “west’’ than Milwaukee is “east’’ … and if those two franchises swapped conferences, the Mavs fan’s head swims at the level of success Dallas would’ve experienced in the last 15 years in the “Jayvee’' conference.


This isn’t just Mavs-centric, of course. Last year, the Nets finished with 38 wins and made the playoffs. The Thunder finished with 45 wins and didn’t. 

Why? Because of the Mississippi River?

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