“It shows you what someone will do when their entire future is vanishing in front of them … his professional life was over … if he didn’t get DJ … he did what he needed to do.”

The Clippers have been through a lot. Doc was viewed as a "hero'' when they cleaned up their Donald Sterling mess, even though Rivers happily signed on to work for the seemingly racist owner. Doc wasn't viewed as a hero anymore when his Clips collapsed in the playoffs, losing a 3-1 series lead to the Rockets. Rivers shouldered a great deal of the blame for the failure. After all, he is the GM and coach ... and Chris Paul and Jordan were not getting along ... And Jordan agreed to leave LA in part because of that frail relationship.

So Doc didn't have it together ... causing him to push an envelope that never in NBA history has been pushed quite like this. (LA's antics even included something that is officially against the rules.)


Without Jordan, the Clippers would've been center-less. They had no room to buy anyone else. (To be fair, what they might've done at center is exactly what Dallas has had to do at center in DeAndre's wake, putting hope in the likes of JaVale McGee.)

"His professional life was over,'' Cuban said, "if he didn't get D.J. But again, that's who Doc is. I respect the fact that when his professional life was about to dissipate and disappear and go up in flames, they did what they had to do and they got D.J. back. So more power to them."

But Doc and the Clippers won. Cuban and the Mavs lost. And there is bitterness that is sure to be central to the early-season meeting on the floor. Thursday, October 29th. Mavericks at Clippers. DB.com will be in the middle of it ... and the Cuban-vs.-Doc atmosphere, the Parsons-vs-DeAndre atomosphere, and the MFFL-vs.-The World atmosphere ... will be a very real thing.