Is 'Salty' Tyson Chandler Right About The Mavs?

DALLAS - 'Fan Jam' is behind us. The preseason opener is upon us. But what bugs us? The possibility that 'salty' Tyson Chandler is right about the Mavs.

I don't know when 'salty' became an adjective that so appropriately describes Tyson Chandler's attitude toward a Mavs team that divorced him twice. I do know that it's all part of a feeling that is the antithesis of the sweet feelings Mavs fans used to have about TY - and by my measure, maybe still do.

"I thought it was crazy," Chandler said from his new home base in Phoenix, speaking on Dallas letting him go (again), this time based on the belief that DeAndre Jordan might be the Mavs heir to Chandler. "I never thought that DeAndre was going to sign with the Mavs, to be honest."


In fairness to the Mavs, what TY "thought" was, in a sense, wrong. Jordan in fact did agree to join the Mavs. But upon further exploration ...

"I thought he was leaving a great situation back in L.A.," Chandler said. "Clearly, their (Clippers)  roster is very talented and they have an opportunity to contend, so I didn't understand it to begin with. Him going back on it, I actually thought that he got a good look at the picture."

Ouch. Salty, eh? These comments echo what TY said to TMZ over the summer in the above video and listen, we're going to have to find a way to move on here. ... Starting with Sunday afternoon's  Dirk-less Fan Jam at the AAC and continuing with Tuesday's preseason opener at home against Denver. (I've got Mavs pregame duties on TXA21 at 7 p.m.) But for now, can you blame Chandler for not being as excited about Fan Jam or an actual AAC game (kinda) as we are? Aren't we ourselves pondering a great deal of "ifs'' with this year's Mavs?

Oh, and keep in mind, this isn't TY's first or even second poke meant to suggest that other teams (including his Suns) represent situations that might be superior than what he's left behind.

"He does have the right to be salty," Mavs owner Mark Cuban said, responding to a question on 103.3 FM ESPN's "Dennis and Friedo." "He does have a right to be salty, because I really did suggest to him - and it's exactly the way I thought - that he'd be here for a long time."

Cuban has a lengthy explanation that details offers and agents and ultimatums and whatnot. But I can make this shorter: Tyson Chandler's allegiance is to himself and to the team that employs him - until another team employs him, at which time he feels a justifiable allegiance to it.

Oh, and same with Jordan, by the way. We call him Dastardly DeAndre or whatever, and we note that his change-of-mind is a virtually unprecedented violation of a gentlemen's agreement ...

But what if Chandler chooses that he too was involved in a gentlemen's agreement - only with the victim shoe being on the other foot?

The Mavs "promised" Tyson they'd bond with him, that they wouldn't make the same mistake they did when he wasn't retained after the 2011 title. ... And then somebody changed their mind.

DeAndre Jordan "promised" the Mavs he'd bond with them, that he wouldn't make the mistake of returning to a Clippers team that didn't feature him ... And then somebody changed their mind.

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Same thing to you and to me? That doesn't matter as much as the possibility that it might be the same thing to Tyson "Salty'' Chandler. 

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