Slow Sprint: Dirk Nowitzki Vs. Peyton Manning

The Slow Sprint: Mavs Dirk Nowitzki Vs. Broncos Peyton Manning. Dirk himself poses the question, 'Who wins a 40-yard dash' between the NBA icon and the NFL legend?

There is almost nothing Dirk Nowitzki cannot do. Except maybe golf ...

And sprint.

So he's in the Mavs locker room the other day, and the subject of the NFL comes up, and Dirk -- with his iconic NBA career having helped build for him the ability to poke fun at himself -- wonders if his lack of footspeed can be exceeded by Broncos superstar QB Peyton Manning, who is also notably slow afoot.

Keep in mind, both stars are in their late-30's. Neither of them is required to be sprinters in order to succeed at their jobs. And the NBA preseason -- especially the Mavs' winless campaign -- always provides some free time for some laughs. So laugh away, Dirk teammate Chandler Parsons. And laugh away, Manning teammate Von Miller.

This would beat that. Barkley was out of the game and out of shape. And Bavetta, God bless him, is hardly a drawing card. This would be ABC's "Superstars'' all over again, with commercial breaks possibly allowed during the painfully-slow 40s.

Kidding. Truth is, the average NFL and NBA fan -- like you, like me -- would probably be shocked at how poorly we ourselves would fare in a 40-yard dash. We'd line up against Dirk and Manning, chuckling ... and against most of us, they'd get the last laugh.

But the two of them? For charity or something? That'd be worth more than a laugh ... and it would provide a stage for the self-effacing Dirk alongside Manning, who ...

Is pretty good in that department himself.

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