Mavs Halloween Donuts: The fellas party, featuring 'Lurch Nowitzki'

The Mavs are enveloped by the business of basketball ... but it's not just Opening Week but also Halloween Week. So ... let's party!

DONUT 1: The Business of Basketball

As the long and 0-7 Mavs preseason comes to an end, their training-camp roster must get down to 15 by today. This weekend, the Mavericks made the bulk of the needed moves in one sweep, waiving four players on Saturday, including veteran center Sam Dalembert, who came back to Dallas on a fully-guaranteed vet-minimum deal. 

Dalembert's departure was bunched with that of Brandon Ashley, Tu Holloway and Jamil Wilson -- and there is a D-League flavor to those transactions.

But Dalembert? To some, the intentions there aren't as clear as they should be. My story on the dealings is here.

DONUT 2: Jim Carrey is Rick Carlisle. Or Vice-Versa

But it can't all be business. In addition to this being Opening Week, it's also Halloween Week. So the Mavs had their team holiday party over the weekend ... with hilarious results.


There's a bunch of the fellas, including assistant coach Darrell Armstrong (photo courtesy of DA) being the football player he once was ... and Rick Carlisle being the comedic movie star he almost is.

DONUT 3: Tarzan and A Cop

Charlie V is the cop. Chandler Parsons (featuring those abs he's so proud of) is Tarzan, I guess. 


Zaza Pachulia is ... a tall guy with a beard standing next to Chandler Parsons.

DONUT 4: Our new 'Nelly'

The old was is "Nellie.''

                                        justin andrson

The new one, as portrayed by Justin Anderson, is "Nelly.''

DONUT 5: Lurch Nowitzki

But this may be the topper because it's so ... horrifyingly  perfect.

DONUT 6: The Maverick Bar

College football, the NFL and the Cowboys all weekend. Plus live music, 80 beer choices and the best burgers in DFW. Oh, and our love for the Mavs is on display, too, of course! It's The Maverick Bar at 1616 Hebron in Carrollton and we'd love to see you there this week!


Oh, and on Saturday we're staging our own Halloween blockbuster party for you! Join us!

DONUT 7: Double Debuts

We use Wes Matthews and Deron Williams' successful debuts in Friday's 103-102 preseason loss to the Bulls to study owner Mark Cuban's seemingly hopeful claim: Where Does the Mavs “Top Three” Rank Amongst NBA Trios?

It's two stories in one, really. And two starters in the backcourt who can, if healthy, make the claim seem a bit less outrageous.

DONUT 8: 'I'm Batman'

Back to the party, where Jeremy Evans looks super-heroic.

He's a little more Spiderman to me, but it'll do.

DONUT 9: Stay in Touch

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DONUT 10:  CP Update

Tarzan ... er, Chandler Parsons ... says he could have conceivably joined Deron and Wes on the floor on Friday in Lincoln. But caution prevailed ... and will continue to this week.

"It's been so long since I've been out there and felt this good. ... It's all good signs,'' CP said via "That was always my hope, to back Opening Night. I hate missing practice, let alone games. ... I don't see Wednesday happening. ... I've got to be smart about it. It's a long season."

Dallas opens its NBA season on Wednesday at Phoenix.

DONUT 11: RIP, Flip
The NBA has been hit with a series of awful medical news, from the unavoidably-theatrical Lamar Odom story (which I wrote about here, before the Kardashians announced that he and Khloe are getting back together and want to have a baby) to the recent deaths of Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins. (Part of the reason Mark Cuban will  fund heart health tests for any player over 50 who spent at least two seasons with Dallas.)
And now more sadness in the NBA family as Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders is dead at 60 after a bout with cancer.
"Our heartfelt condolences go out to the entire Saunders family,'' said Carlisle, president of the NBA Coaches Association. "The NBA coaching profession has lost a great man."
RIP, Flip.
DONUT 12: The Final Word
We'll close on a happy note, certain Mavs guys recognizing their roles or projecting their desired roles.

That's JJ Barea as a Minion ... and Dwight Powell as "Bane.''

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