Mavs Preview: The Four-Games-In-Five-Days Stretch

Mavs Preview: Dallas faces the beginning of a pivotal four-game stretch in New Orleans with questions regarding Rick Carlisle's master plan.

The Dallas Mavericks (3-3) face the New Orleans Pelicans (0-6) at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in a game that will begin a tough four-games-in-five-night stretch that concludes with a trip to Houston on November 14. With guys on minutes limits, there's going to have to be a plan here ...

Okay, Coach. Thanks.


The Mavs outgunned a shorthanded Pelicans team on Saturday night behind a balanced effort from Dirk, Deron and Co. that saw the Mavs gain their first home victory of the season. The Mavs will look for a similar effort against a decimated Pelicans roster that is struggling to find their stride due to multiple injuries. 

Against the Pelicans on Saturday, the Mavs may have found a recipe for success behind D-Will (19 points and two assists), who stepped up to close out the Pelicans in the fourth quarter. Dallas has been in search of someone capable of filling that role after the departure of Monta Ellis this offseason, and many believe Williams to be that guy. 

Deron Williams could thrive in Mavs’ closer role

"I think comfort grows every game,'' Deron said of his work as a closer. "I got into a little bit of a rhythm ... I thought we did a lot better job as a team of just moving the basketball and moving without the ball. And when you do that, things are going to open up.”

After leaving New Orleans, the Mavs will return home to face a Clippers team that spanked them 104-88 behind a dominant performances from Blake Griffin (26 points and eight rebounds) and DeAndre Jordan (15 rebounds and four blocks). The Clippers were the better team that night. However, the Mavs went into that game with out D-Will, Wes Matthews and Chandler Parsons… three very important pieces of the rotation. Parsons had yet to make his season debut, while D-Will was held out because of a sore knee, and Wes was sitting out the second leg of a back to back. 


We've expressed some serious concerns about how Dirk can hold up against the Blake-sized challenges (Jonny Auping's great breakdown here) ... and we're also a little concerned about the above video, which is not a Mavs production but seems to be embraced on a Jumbotron-sized level by the powers that be at the AAC, where The DeAndre Defection is sure to catch the almost-Mav some hell starting with the 7 p.m. tip that is already getting tons of national attention.


While it remains unknown if Wes will sit out the second half of the back to back once again, D-Will and Parsons should be present for the rematch with the Clips. What we do know is that Rick Carlisle has a plan for the four-in-five stretch.  ... But that as is his wont, he's not sharing.

Following the rematch with the Clippers, Dallas will face Kobe Bryant, Julius Randle and the Lakers, a team that Dallas dismantled once already at the Staples center on November 1. Despite a great performance by Randle (22 points and 15 boards), the Mavs got a vintage performance the Big German (25 points and 9 rebounds) en route to a 103-93 victory in LA. 


To close out the brutal stretch of games, the Mavs will face yet another back-to-back on Saturday night, as they head to the Toyota Center to face the Houston Rockets (4-3). The Mavs will oppose the Rockets for the first time since being bounced out of the first round of the playoffs last season in a series marked by Rondo quitting on the Mavs in the middle of a playoff game in the middle of the playoffs.

I know the Mavs' official Twitter account isn't supposed to say that, right, Fish? (Maybe you should've signed the tweet, boss.) But we can.


After starting 0-3, the Rockets as we begin the week are riding a four-game winning streak, and look to have found their stride early in the season. Chandler Parsons will undoubtedly be champing at the bit after an early exit from last year’s playoffs against his old team. But ... It'll be four games. In five days. With a pair of B-2-B's. The plan -- which would be nice if it included a split or better -- is about to reveal itself.

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