Mavs 114, Warriors 91 Quoteboard: 'Hyped Up'

The defending-champ Warriors were missing four rotation players, including Steph Curry. But Dallas was still 'all hyped up' in a 114-91 win that drops Golden State to 29-2. The Wednesday Quoteboard:

Mavs 114, Warriors 91 on Wednesday, and while Golden State's 29-2 mark is the best in NBA history through 31 games, I promise you the Mavs are going to count this as a "signature win.'' As we talk about the big win on Boards, the Quoteboard is here ...

Mavericks Center Zaza Pachulia

(On how the Mavericks played defensively)

“I mean, everyone was excited for this game, everyone was waiting for this game. Last game of the year, playing against the World Champs, not only is Steph Curry hard to beat, but they are a hell of a team. The players, the way they move the basketball, record is amazing, so we were all hyped up about tonight’s game. From beginning of the game, the energy and effort was there. We really battled, we really fought for the position, and that’s what got us into this kind of lead. It doesn’t happen as an accident, playing against these guys that are so good, extended the lead so much. I think we deserved tonight’s win, we really played hard, everybody contributed from the team.”


(On the physicality of the game)

“Yeah, it was a physical game. Obviously when you go to play against a team like Golden State who beat in the finals and understands what it takes to win the game, it’s going to be a physical game, they are fighting for it. That’s the reason they only have one loss, out of 30 games, there is a reason, they have put in guys, especially big guys, who play hard, set the screens, fight down low for rebounds. Whatever it takes to win the game, I think we responded and we threw some punches too, so it was a great game for us.”

Mavericks Guard Devin Harris

“I thought we played a solid game throughout defensively, I thought we were active all night. Offensively we really moved the ball and played for one another. When we play this type of way, we can be really good.”

“We are really good when we play with pace, and we don’t let teams sit on our plays and play random basketball. We move and create a great shot for one another, create a problem and try to get a great shot each time down the floor. I thought we’d been doing better job of that.”

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle 

Warriors Forward Andre Iguodala


(On the Mavericks’ first-half performance)


“With a team like us, outside looking in, it’s easy to take things for granted. And then when you lose, people ask ‘how did you lose?” When you play in the NBA, every team has an opportunity to win and every win is really hard. They played really and they are capable of winning any night, and tonight they came out with a win.”


(On the Warriors’ health problems)


“We’ve got to play at a high level of basketball. I think people forget we have like four guys out. We just have to play at a high level. That can get overlooked at times. We just have to get guys healthy and get guys back out there.”

Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki

“Coach obviously brought it to us this morning that Steph might not be playing, and he wanted us to approach the game the same way. And that’s with energy and with passion, playing at home and playing together. They’re very good in transition, and we tried not to turn the ball over and tried to find their shooters in transition. They obviously still have their shotmakers out there, and I thought that’s what we did. ... We made some mistakes out there, but I thought overall we scrambled hard and we played well. And we made some big shots on the offensive end.”


Warriors Guard Klay Thompson


(On making up for guard Stephen Curry’s absence)


“That’s 30 points and a playmaker gone. We just have to collectively try to chip in, if it’s on the defensive end or offensively. Move the ball and trust each other. We had great looks tonight but it was just one of those nights. That happens over 82 games so there is no need to panic. We have another big game tomorrow and like I said before, that’s the beauty of this league that you can go out and redeem yourself.”

Mavs guard JJ Barea


“I think we did an awesome job, especially early. The first minutes of the game were big for us. We got some energy and made some shots, and I think that got everybody going for the rest of the game.''


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