Mavs 'ZooChandler' Fake Movie Trailer

It is, at this very moment, a fun time to be a Mavs fan ... maybe highlighted by the fake movie trailer 'ZooChandler' ...

Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons are "really, really ridiculously good-looking'' in "ZooChandler,'' the latest creation from the creative wizards inside the Dallas Mavericks.

The video is above ... a fake movie trailer that was a huge hit at the AAC on Wednesday as Dallas closed the calendar year with a monumental victory over the defending-champion Warriors. Get the Quoteboard from the game here, check out Boards to talk about it here, and dig into Mavs Donuts for analysis of the win.


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Looking forward to a great New Year with the Mavs and ... with a "Blue Steel'' look, of course!

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