Mavs Win In 2OT's Quoteboard: A Deron Dream Come True

'I definitely dreamed about playing for the Mavs when I was growing up,' says Deron Williams, the last-second hero of Mavs 117, Kings 116 in two OTs. 'It’s definitely a dream come true right now.' A dreamy Mavs Quoteboard:


Mavs Guard Deron Williams

(On if he was the first option on the play for the last shot in Tuesday's 117-116 double-OT home win over the Kings)

“Yes, that was the first option.  There was a little bit more action after that for Wes [Matthews] to come up and get a three but Devin [Harris] made a good read, then I slipped out there and got confused, found myself open, they came flying at me, I made a pump fake and let it go.”


(On if that was his first Mavericks “mob scene” celebration, as it capped his 25-point effort)

“Yes, that was definitely my first Mavericks mob scene.  I was at the very bottom of pile then all of the sudden it went dark and I couldn’t breathe.”


(On if he and Dirk Nowitzki playing off each other got each other going in the second half)

“Yes, but one thing about Dirk is that you can never count him out. He can start off zero for eight and heat up.  All it takes is for him to keep getting the ball.  He made so many big plays down the stretch and the ones that I scored on were because of him because they don’t want to leave him.  He makes the game so easy for everybody that he plays with.  This was a great team win for us, this is not about me.  This was a great team win, we fought, we hung in there, they had us down and out and we just kept fighting.”


(On being a DFW native playing for Dallas)

“I definitely dreamed about playing for the Mavericks when I was growing up. It’s definitely a dream come true right now.”

Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle


(On the last play of the game)

“We threw the ball to D-Will [Deron Williams] and he hit a shot. He had a good screen from Dirk [Nowitzki]. The pass was excellent. When you’re down seven with 1:20 to go, you have to pitch a perfect game. The odds are 1-in-100 that you can actually do it, but you’ve got to have belief. You have to keep going, keep fighting and keep competing – that’s what the guys kept doing. It was a wacky game with a lot of swings back and forth. It’s one of those nights where you just expected the unexpected.”


(On the play of JaVale McGee)

“McGee played a great all-around game. I thought he played really solid. He was active, he made key shots, he was a factor rolling to the basket, his rim protection was a big factor. He was terrific.”


(On the re-injury of Chandler Parsons)

“He had to leave the game and couldn’t return because he got hipped in his knee on one of Cousins’ illegal screens.”


(On not fouling on the Mavs’ last defensive possession)

“I saw the time difference and I knew they were going to be trying to kill the clock on the one hand and on the other hand probably be rushed. It’s just a gut feeling. I knew the difference was upwards of three seconds – I thought it was a little more than 2.3, but the clock keeper isn’t always perfect either. We got lucky there; we had a good scrambling possession, Collison shot an air ball and then we got the ball back. It was one of those nights the team that had the ball last was probably going to win the game.”

Mavs center JaVale McGee

(On "energy'')

“That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to bring energy, to dunk the ball, get everybody into it, block some shots and be a defensive presence. And I felt like tonight I got to do that.”

Sacramento Head Coach George Karl
(On the heartbreaking loss)
“Yeah, this road trip I think we’ll remember that we’re coming together in a good way, but just disappointed not to have two wins instead of one. The only thing I can complain about is the outcome of the game. We had – down 10 [points] – had opportunities to give into the game, [but] never did. Made some big shots to get the game into overtime, and actually had the lead in both overtimes. Both teams I thought executed extremely well down the stretch. Disappointed a little bit that we kind of knew what they were going to run and we didn’t take away the corner as much as we wanted to, but that’s just the nature of a good team. Still, both teams fought with a lot of heart. Our guys [and] the way they played I knew they had to be tired, but give Dallas credit for stealing one from us.”

(On the Kings' progress)
“What part of the game can you be happy with other than the loss? A lot of guys played with courage – Rudy [Gay] had a big game; Cousins had a big game.  Our defensive effort was big time against a really good offensive team and it looked like [we might win]. That’s the nature of the NBA – great players make great plays.”

Kings Forward DeMarcus Cousins



(On players stepping up)

 “It just shows the potential that’s there. Credit to those guys for coming in and stepping up. Like you said, (Kings guard) Seth (Curry) has probably seen no more than 20 minutes this season. To come in and play that amount of minutes was incredible for us. I feel like we left it all on the floor, there was just a big shot at the end.”


(On passing Chris Webber’s franchise rebounding record)

 “I’ve got a long way to go. I’m a big fan of C-Webb and it’s an incredible honor.”


(On his play down the stretch)

“I wasn’t really concerned with finding my game. The biggest thing is trying to make a play for my team with me scoring or me rebounding, whatever the case may be. It’s about me doing what I have to do to win the game.”

(On tonight’s game)

“I think it was an incredible game. Both teams left it on the floor. We don’t want to make any excuses. Of course we are shorthanded, but we had plenty of opportunities to win the game tonight. Big shots from them, big shots from us, it was just whoever made the biggest shot. It was a good game, it was a fun game.”

Mavs Forward Dirk Nowitzki

(On his failed dunk attempt for the now 20-15 Mavs)





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