Heat 93, Mavs 90 - Locker-Room Quoteboard And Rick's 'Bad Decision'

What they said, from both locker rooms, after Wednesday's 93-90 Mavs' loss to the Heat at the AAC ...

Wednesday's 93-90 Mavs' loss to the Heat at the AAC, a game that was discussed more intelligently than it was actually played ...

Mavericks guard Wesley Matthews

(On the final shot attempt of the game)

“Obviously it was a scramble and there wasn’t much time left. I think Ray (Raymond Felton) took the best shot he could in that situation. We tried to get into a pick-and-roll, but they were switching and we couldn’t get it to work. In that situation you just hope for blown coverage.”

(On if the team gave enough effort tonight)

“I think so, just not long enough and down the stretch. We’ve got to be aggressive from the jump, and aggressive at the start of every quarter and the end of every quarter. The aggressive team gets the benefit of the whistle and I think that we were behind the benefit of the whistle tonight. We started to get on a run and it was a two possession game, we forced a miss and D. Wade (Dwayne Wade) is crashing the glass.  They get a foul and get the ball back. It was definitely one of those matches where who won was who wanted it more. I won’t say they wanted it more, but they were more aggressive when they needed to be.”

Mavericks Head Coach Rick Carlisle

(On what happened on the last possession, where they trying to get Dirk Nowitzki the ball) “We were going full court without a timeout.  With our team, we have had better success in free flowing situations, getting good looks at the basket.  It was obviously a bad decision on my part, the way it went, I should have taken a time out and set something else up.  I thought we had time to get a quick three, or a two, and still have time to get a steal or a foul.  It didn’t work out and it was a tough loss.”

(On Justin Anderson’s impact on the game) “I love the force plays with.  The force and enthusiasm is off the charts, it’s just great, and that’s what we need with our team.  He’s injected some real life into our roster and he played really well tonight. I’m happy for him but I am disappointed we lost.”

(On if he is concerned with the Mavericks struggles at home this season) “Miami out grinded us.  We needed to have everybody grinding for 48 minutes tonight ,full bore, and they just out grinded us.  That has nothing to do with the home court, we just have to dig deeper.  Everybody has got to dig deeper, and we have to dig deeper as a team, and we can do it.  These games are hard.  Miami has a bunch of championship players out there, great coaching, they are very tough minded and they outworked us tonight.”


Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra


“It was a much better response to who we want to be on the road. It’s just very disappointing last night to give up 115 points and have no chance to win a game like that. To come in here against a very well coached, high level skilled offensive team, and get to our identity to hold them under forty percent and under 90 points. Coaches love these kinds of games. You’re not shooting the ball well and you have stretches where guys that normally make those kind of shots, but missing them. Dwayne started off the game I think 1 for 11. CB went through a stretch there in the second half where he couldn’t make shots. Our confidence was a feeling where we could get stops on the other end and that’s has to be who we become. It’s tough in this league particularly on the road.”


(The two signature plays at the end. The extra pass to Luol and the way you denied Dirk the ball. Does show the type of trust you would expect your team to have at this point?)


“It’s getting better on that part of the floor. Guys are getting a little bit more comfortable, but again it’s the toughness you have to bring and that edge on the road. I was encouraged to see the way we were competing this game. That was a great possession, it was poise to move it one more. We talk about it so often from good, to better, to great, and we were able to knock it down. Even if he misses the shot it’s the right play. We had to withstand some storms at the end. We told Justice welcome to Dirk Nowitzki, that is in his range by the way.”


(Hassan Whiteside playing tonight)

“It was more than I was expecting. I was expecting him to play in Charlotte. That was the plan and this morning he said he felt great after the two workouts yesterday. It was really his call. We talked about it and said why not. We will to see what he looks like in the second quarter and we will go from there. Obviously he gave us a great boost in the second quarter and I think he’s feeling good right now and we’ll see how he feels tomorrow.”

Miami Guard Dwyane Wade


(On tonight’s game)


“I always want to get to the basket. I think I missed nine layups early on in the game. You always want to get those shots. Obviously, I understood early in the second half I needed to put the ball in the basket a little more if I wanted us to win versus a team that can score the basketball. It was our team defense that won us this game. I mean (Mavericks forward) Dirk (Nowitzki) was Dirk tonight. He hit some unbelievable shots. He really came out hot in the second half. We weathered the storm. We stayed with it. I thought we did really well with our team defense.”


(On overcoming last night’s game vs. Houston)


“It was a total different day, a total different game, and a different challenge. We’ve played pretty well this year on back-to-backs. We’ve done a good job lately of learning from our mistakes. We would love to win every ballgame we play but it’s the NBA and some teams have your number. Last night Houston had our number. We fought back twice but weren’t able to get over the hump. Tonight I thought we did a good job, even when things were bad we stayed with it with our team defense. That was the difference from one night to the next.”


Miami's Hassan Whiteside


(On coming back from his injury)


“I felt something but it wasn’t pain. The only way I can describe it is it felt like someone was holding your side. It wasn’t pain, it felt like someone was holding me. I felt fine.


“(Coach Erik Spoelstra) told me I would get in in the second quarter. We got on a run and I knew everyone was playing great and playing team basketball.”


(On adjusting to changes since he last played)


“Whatever amount of minutes I play, I’m going to try to contribute the most I can. I don’t know how many minutes I am going to play. I’m just going to come out there and be the best Hassan Whiteside I can be.”

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