New Mavs Player David Lee Q-and-A On Dallas' 'First-Class' And 'Chemistry'

New Mavs big David Lee conducts a media Q-and-A after his first official practice and raves about Dallas being 'first-class' and having 'chemistry.'

David Lee is looking forrward to playing for the Dallas Mavericks in any capacity ... because he's looking forward to playing -- period.

The David Lee Q-and-A with the DFW media after his first AAC workout and in preparating for his post-Celtics-buyout debut with the Mavs on Wednesday at home against the Thunder:

Lee on Minutes

"As far as minutes and stuff, we’ll let Coach figure that out. More than anything, they've been emphasizing rebounding the basketball and being ready in coming off the bench and playing with energy. We'll figure the rest out aa we go along.''

On the Mavs System

"It's learning the system on the fly. This is not a simple system to learn. So the biggest thing is just the first couple of weeks making sure I get my extra work in learning the plays with Coach and the young guys, and more than anything else just focusing on keeping it simple while I’m out there.''

On Conditioning

"The other part of it is I haven’t played in a game in over a month, so it’s going to be getting that conditioning back and getting that rhythm back. But I’m confident I’ll go out there and be able to help us tomorrow night just by playing hard and doing what I know how to do.’’

On Changing Teams

"The real challenges are getting all my stuff moved and getting everything there taking care of on a quick basis!''

Why He Wanted Dallas

"Obviously it's a first-class organization. I've been playing against them for years and years now, and it's always the home crowd and the Mark Cuban Effect. And the guys on the team. You can see the chemistry from playing against them. That's something I want to be a part of. I've been in the league long enough ... I've been lucky enough to win a championship, and from this point forward, I'm not looking to play with a team that doesn't have good chemistry, if I have a choice, that's very important to me.''


On the Mavs Contending

"I think we’re in a great spot to make a run here. Hopefully I can be somebody who helps out with that.''

Here's more on David Lee's skill set at this link and here's conversation on Boards about the player and the transaction, a $2.1-mil room-MLE payout to the former two-time All-Star. Also, if you are looking for a way to get Mavs Premium coverage at a steal, I'm about to unveil such a way with special Midnight Mavs Donuts at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday!

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