Mavs Donuts: Top 12 Quotes From Game 3 Loss - 'We Can't Quit'

Mavs Donuts takes you through the top 12 quotes following Dallas’ 131-102 loss to OKC in Game 3 ...

Mavs Donuts takes you through the top 12 quotes following Dallas’ 131-102 loss to OKC in Game 3 ...

DONUT 1: Mavs Dirk Nowitzki - Uphill


"We had to play from behind all night long, which is obviously what they want.”

DONUT 2: Mavs JJ Barea - Forget

 “We have to just forget about this and come back next time and try to get a home win.”


“Next time’’ is Game 4 on Saturday with a 7 p.m. tip at the AAC … and of course, the gang gathering at The Maverick Bar to watch!

DONUT 3: Mavs Rick Carlisle - Regrets

“I think, when we look back on this game, we’re going to have some regrets with some of the periods where we didn’t compete the way we needed to compete.’'

(More on this theme here in Game 3 Rapid Fire.)

DONUT 4: OKC’s Kevin Durant - No Party

"When I go out there and play well (as he did here, with 34 points), I don't throw a party for myself afterward. When I play terrible (as he did in Game 2, shooting 7-of-33), I'm not going to change anything up, I'm not going to feel sorry for myself. I'm going to go out there and do the same thing I've been doing. It's a marathon, not a sprint."


DONUT 5: Barea - Playing Hurt

"I love my teammates and it’s awesome to play playoff basketball, especially here in Dallas. I’m not going to be 100 percent but I can still be out there moving around so hopefully I’ll feel good (at today’s practice) and we’ll see how I feel on Saturday.”

(Dallas has other injury issues, too, highlighted now by Deron Williams, who could not go in Game 3. We'll update injuries as we go -- Dirk's too -- here.)

 DONUT 6: OKC’s Billy Donovan - Mavs Overmatched?

 “Not at all. During the year, we had some hard-fought games (with Dallas). I don't think the point totals are any indication at all into that.”

DONUT 7: Nowitzki - The Non-Big 2

“That's too many (points for Waiters and Kanter, a combined 40) That's too many. We gotta take something away.”

DONUT 8: Mavs Wes Matthews - Punching

“We’ve got to come out with a more hit-first mentality. We can’t throw second. We didn’t throw second in Game 2. We can’t throw second in Game 4.”


What’s Wes talking about from Game 2? “The Working-Man Mentality,’’ as we write about here.

DONUT 9: Carlisle - Unbeatable?

"We beat them in Game 2. They are beatable, but we're going to have to come out with a stronger disposition."

DONUT 10: Matthews - Aggressiveness

 "They were the more aggressive team tonight, and usually the aggressive team gets the benefit of aggressive play."

DONUT 11: Mavs Ray Felton - Fighting

 We just got to come out next game play with a little more force. Play with an attitude and play angry. We still have a fighting chance.”

DONUT 12: Barea - The Final Word


 “We can’t quit. We have to keep fighting, stay together and make adjustments and see what we can do better on Saturday and go from there.”

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