Mavs Exit Interview Donuts: The 12 Top Quotes As Dallas Readies To 'Go For It' Again

Mavs Exit Interview Donuts: The 12 Top Quotes As Dallas Readies To 'Go For It' Again

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DONUT 1: Retirement?!

"I definitely won't retire. I felt great this year. I feel like I can still play efficient enough to be there for the team. So, no, retirement is no question at all.


"I'm not sure where that came from. I never said I was going to leave this franchise. The only way I would ever leave, is like I said and always have, is when we do rebuilding and start with five rookies. As long as we go for it and compete, then I'll be a Mav." - Dirk Nowitzki.

DONUT 2: German Roads

"Certainly, all roads go through the Big German right now. We’ll sit down, at the right time, and see what it takes to get him back in a Mavs uniform. Whatever that is, he deserves it. There's not a player that I've been around that has his kind of winning software.

"He's our Roger (Staubach), our Troy (Aikman), our Mike Modano, Nolan Ryan, that's who he is. He deserves the courtesy of the first sit-down.'' - Donnie Nelson on securing Dirk despite his opt-out.

DONUT 3: Happy Home

“This has been a great year for me as far just being happy and enjoying playing basketball again. And enjoying all the guys on the team and the coaching staff. It’s been a great situation. Aside from the injuries, everything was really great this season. …

"I would love to be back. This was a great year for me and I’m definitely happy here. My family is settled and happy. So it definitely would be great to be back.” - Deron Williams, who has an opt-out choice and who will undergo  surgery on his sports hernia this summer, joining Barea and Devin, who need minor surgeries.

DONUT 4: Sight On Dwight?

“Yeah, for sure,. I think he can still dominate the game. I think he still can be a great player in this league and I think if he’s going to leave Houston, why not come here?’’ - Chief Recruiting Officer Chandler Parsons on Dwight Howard.


PS: We’ve written a dozen times that Dallas doesn’t want to chase a max deal here. What sort of money and moves can they make for Dwight — or even for Kevin Durant, who is worthy of the max? Dig in here.

DONUT 5: But Can CP Recruit CP?

"Dallas is home to me. I loved it here. I came here to be a great player and to win a lot of games, and I've yet to do that here. So I feel that I have a lot of unfinished business here that I'd love to continue and grow into the player that I saw myself being when I signed here. The quicker we can get that done allows me to start recruiting and doing that whole thing.” - Chandler Parsons.

DONUT 6: Scary-Ass Wes

“Different players, different system, coming back from an Achilles tear, everything was brand new. … I’m not asking for anybody to give me the benefit of the doubt, but I’m excited because everybody says the year after an Achilles tear is when you feel like a brand-new person. So that sounds like a scary-ass person, to me.” - Wesley Matthews.

DONUT 7: Rick's Pick

"This year, even though we lost in the first round, I think those guys competed like champions.”- Coach Rick Carlisle.

DONUT 8: Pay Ray-Ray

"What do you think?” - Felton on whether his performance this season raised his potential salary.  (In any event, he’s buying a home in DFW.)

DONUT 9: Zaza on Dirk

"The biggest highlight for me – biggest highlight, and I mean that – was to play with Dirk, to share the moments on and off the court with this guy. I'm so fortunate to have this experience, to play with him, to see his work ethic and learn things and joke and become closer to him. Life goes on. Basketball is temporary. The friendships and the relationships are going to continue.” - Free agent center Zaza Pachulia.


DONUT 10: Zaza on Dallas

"Whoever will come here and play for this team and this organization would love it. … This team is all about winning. So, if you're a winner, this is the place to be.”— Zaza.

DONUT 11: Rick on Free Agency

“It’s an opportunity every year. It’s an exciting time. It’s disappointing when you miss. But as much as I preach to our team about the importance of persistence, I think as a team in free agency, we’ve got to remain persistent. We’ve got too good a situation here. We got a great city, great ownership, a great locker room, a fair media. ...

“I always view Dallas as a place where players would want to be. We acquired David Lee two months ago. When you acquire a player like that you want him to have a great experience. And he did. We wouldn’t have got to the playoffs without David Lee. And the word spreads. Veterans know other veterans. Word gets out that Dallas is a high-level organization. We take great pride in that.


“We’re going to be persistent and keep banging away.”

DONUT 12: The Final Word

“It's going to be a long summer. It’s early. (But) knowing Mark and Donnie, we always go for it.” - Dirk Nowitzki.

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