About All Of Skip Bayless' Favorite Teams - Thunder AND Spurs, Cowboys AND Patriots

About All Of Skip Bayless' Favorite Teams - Thunder AND Spurs, Cowboys AND Patriots

I have made clear in the past that I know Skip Bayless personally and to know him is to loathe him. No, not out of jealousy -- though you and I would love to make $5 million a year talking about sports, as Bayless, the former DFW media personality,  is set to do with his coming move from ESPN to FOX.


Now read my piece on what makes Bayless tick and you'll fully understand my concerns regarding what harm he's done to people around him, and to the profession of sports journalism. Those are the reasons he is loathed ... and below are an assortment of Skip's own tweets that, when assembled in this fashion, help you understand how your patronage of his work threatens to render you as much of an ill-informed clown as he is.

The subject? A simple one: As a sports "expert'' and as a sports fan, to what does Skip Bayless have allegiance? For whom does Skip Bayless root? Here we go:
















Skip predicted Warriors in five games ... But only after having suggested the Warriors would win in four. Which must’ve been tough for him to swallow, OKC having earlier beaten “His Spurs. (Oh, and here are Skip's statements to the OKC paper a couple of years ago regarding his desire for his hometown Thunder to win an NBA title.)

And the NFL? Skip has lots of favorite “my teams'' in football, too. He congratulates "My Cowboys,'' then says, "Thank you to My Patriots'' for beating the enemy Cowboys, and then expresses concerns over My Cowboys injuries, and then says he's never been a Cowboys fan at all. ... because “My team’’ is the Patriots.

The NFL reality as it relates to the Cowboys (and I assume the rest of the NFL): Bayless has no "trusted sources'' and is such close friends with agent Leigh Steinberg that he can't even manage to spell his name correctly.

The NBA reality as it relates to Skip Bayless' mastery of the game and loyalty to its truths? Skip has used his "basketball background'' as justification for lambasting professional basketball players for their shortcomings, once offering as explanation for his harsh criticism: “FYI: I started for high school team that lost in state finals. Coach didn’t like me b/c I shot too much and he wanted me to be more PG.''

Actually, Skip was not "a starter'' on that Oklahoma high school state championship team. When Skip was a junior he played for JV squad. When the "Westbrook-like Bayless'' (a shoot-first point guard) did finally get to the varsity, he played enough to average 1.4 points per game. (Bayless' attempts at explaining the discrepancies are unintentionally uproarious.)


The bottom line on Skip's areas of allegiance and expertise: Scan those tweets one more time and notice that he doesn't take his own "allegiance and expertise'' very seriously.

So unless you enjoy being trolled ... why would you?

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