Mavs 2016 Player Review: Charlie Villanueva - No More Time?

Mavs 2016 Player Review: Charlie Villanueva - No More Time?

Charlie Villanueva had a rough 2015-16 season to say the least, hitting just 38 percent from the field, including 27.3 percent from downtown -- the second-worst three-point shooting performance of his career. Moreover, Villanueva found himself as nothing more than a body at the end of the bench for the vast majority of the regular season.

One of the biggest problems with Charlie V’s game this year -- and really, we've been saying this since the start of his reclamation as a Mav -- was the fact that his light was too green. Whenever Villanueva (5.1 points in 10.7 minutes per) did manage to get on the court, it seemed as though he threw something up every time he touched the ball. He missed 62 percent of those shots, most of which led to long rebounds and a fast break going the other way. In short, he simply tried to do too much with the small amount of minutes he did have. 

Let’s be clear, Charlie is a fine teammate. In fact, he’s a phenomenal locker-room guy. His teammates love him, he loves his teammates, and he sticks his neck out for his guys whenever the need arises. ... As seen here: 


But frankly when the highlight of your season is interrupting a impromptu dance number by Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne, in a game in which you didn’t play a single second, and in a contract year no less, then you’ve got a bit of a problem. 


Charlie V, who turns 32 this summer, now enters the offseason as an unrestricted free agent, and to be frank, the Mavs need to be better and deeper and therefore need to be build a better roster than one that allows them to bring him back for next season. The Mavs' needs in the front court are far too dire to justify giving Villanueva a spot on the roster, and as much as he is loved by his teammates, and this has been a success story of sorts. But now it's time, with this roster spot, to find a better and more successful story.


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