Mavs Video: Dirk Nowitzki Vs. Jet for Baseball MVP?

The NBA's Mavericks-Rockets rivalry will spill over onto the diamond at Dirk Nowitzki's 2016 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game at Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco. Also, check out the video to hear Dirk's thoughts on the NBA Finals, how Golden State has changed the NBA, along with remembrances of the late Muhammed Ali and teammate Sean Rooks.




The seven-footer from Wurzburg has taken home two MVP's in the NBA: a season MVP in 2007 and a Finals MVP in 2011. Yet the 13-time NBA All-Star can't take home the trophy in his own charity baseball game going on five years now.


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"I really want to be MVP of my game one time, but it was hard to do it the first few years, especially the athletes we've got playing tomorrow," Nowitzki said. "And I wouldn't consider myself an athlete. So, the chances are slim."



The 15th annual event that benefits the Heroes Foundation will feature fellow D-FW pro athletes such as Dez Bryant and Darren McFadden from the Dallas Cowboys, FC Dallas players Walker Zimmerman and Chris Seitz, ex-MLB stars like Michael Young, and not to mention fellow NBA players that include Chandler Parsons, Wesley Matthews, and Jason Terry.



"I'm telling you right now," Terry, a recent Houston Rocket who was also with the Mavericks from 2004-12, declared. "I'm going for the MVP. Any ground ball -- they call me 'In the Parker,' first of all. That means any ground ball, I'm trying to get an in-the-park home run. And out there in the field, I'm running down any ball, even if I have to run over the center wall to get to it. I'm looking to take home that trophy and bring my team a victory."



Terry didn't riff just on how he is going to take home the MVP in 2016 and keep Dirk's drought alive. The 10th overall pick in the '99 draft also talked about how good center Dwight Howard, Terry's teammate in Houston since 2014, would look in a Mavericks uniform.





For Dirk, just having ex-teammates like Terry take time out of their well deserved off-seasons to partake in giving back to the Dallas-Fort Worth community significantly humbles the 37-year-old veteran who has spent all 17 years of his NBA career with Dallas.



Said the Big German: "That's also been really humbling in a way, not only the fans, but the locals. Even some guys are flying in. My teammates now are on vacation, coming back for this event. It means a lot to me. It means a lot to this game obviously. It's been a humbling experience to have so many people over the years supporting me, support this game, support this cause." 




"We're all here, man," Terry said. "It's for a great cause. He's tremendous in the Dallas community. So, anything he does I'm here to support."



In 2011 after the Mavericks won their first NBA Championship, the Heroes Foundation approached Nowitzki about continuing the annual charity baseball game now that Dallas Stars legend Mike Modano had retired. Nowitzki took over the game, and is about to embark on another consecutive sellout at the home of the Frisco Rough Riders.



"I love it in both places," Dirk said of whether he considers himself more American than German these days. "I'm in a lucky situation where I grew up in Germany, my whole family is still back there. But I also enjoyed living in Dallas. I've always been in Dallas as long as I've been in Germany. This is 18 years now, and an emotional 18 years. I've got so many friends here."






Photo & video credit -- Tari Omoro


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