Mavs Draft Trade-Up: The No-Clog Policy

Mavs sources explain their position to me on a trade-up into tonight's NBA Draft first round ... specifically as it applies to talk about Charlotte's No. 22 overall pick.

The NBA Draft is hours away and the Dallas Mavericks' scheduled first pick is ... well, hours after that. And here is a first round in which multiple teams have multiple picks and are looking to shed those picks for, in many cases, more cap space.

So ... "Cap Space is King''? Don't we hate when the Mavs do it that way?

Then, I guess, we should hate when teams like the Atlanta Hawks and the Charlotte Hornets do the same.

The Hornets are looking to dump their 22nd overall pick to allow them to create space. ... cap space that will allow them to keep Nicolas Batum and Jeremy Lin or chase Dwight Howard ("Cap Space Was King'' that year for Dallas, using the same approach) ...

Sources: Charlotte's offering No. 22 - if team will take contract of Spencer Hawes or Jeremy Lamb. Hornets need space to re-sign free agents

Do the Mavs like Lamb or Hawes as players? Oh, they could be helpful bodies. But here's why, sources inside Mavs HQ tell me, this isn't happening: Hawes has two years left on his contract worth about $6 million annually and Lamb has three years left on his contract worth about $7 million annually. ... and both of those salaries represent a cap clog that Dallas doesn't want ...

Just like Charlotte and Atlanta don't want their caps clogged by the likes of Lamb and Hawes.

Maybe this is a mistake on Dallas' part because it underrates some "turnaround'' talent available at 22. (But it looks like Atlanta and Charlotte share the Mavs' view there, eh?) I'm told that in general Dallas doesn't want to take on heavy baggage in order to enter Round 1, and that the Mavs don't want to give up big assets (such as they are) to do it, either.

"If we're blown away by a steal of a deal,'' maybe, one source says. 

In short, the Mavs would rather have $7 mil of room to do their business with Dirk and with Parsons (or not) and with Mike Conley or with Hassan Whiteside. (Or with both, if Parsons dislikes the no-max line being drawn in cement.)

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