Reversal Of Fortune: Mavs Bid On Warriors Free-Agent Harrison Barnes

Reversal Of Fortune: Mavs Bid On Warriors Free-Agent Harrison Barnes


At 6 p.m. Saturday, learned of the Dallas Mavericks' intent to sign restricted free agent a four-year max offer sheet, a "Reversal of Fortune'' in more ways than one. ... and a reversal full of intrigue.

Sources tell us that Dallas' offer sheet to Barnes (solidified on July 7) will be worth the max of $94 million for four years, and that part of the point is to put the Warriors (who would have three days to match) in a pinch as they chase Kevin Durant.

Golden State seems likely to wish to keep Barnes of KD doesn't come there, but would renounce Barnes if Durant agrees to leave OKC for the Warriors.

The "fortune''? That $94 mil is the going rate for a player like Barnes, 24, who at 6-8 became a key part of the Warriors Finals drive, averaging 11.7 points and 4.9 rebounds, before going south in the postseason.

The "reversal''? This is not a player the Dallas personnel department was in love with as recently as a week ago, thinking him inferior to their own small forward Chandler Parsons -- who has left Dallas for Memphis because the Mavs wouldn't pay him the same max money they'll now give Barnes. 

So much of what many NBA teams are doing hinges on Durant's decision. KD's deal impacts what the Mavs might do with the BLOAT concept; see all the exclusive details of that here. And if Dallas doesn't spend enough money? Hey, give Dirk Nowitzki $28 mil now -- a "MAX/MIN concept we illustrate here. (By the way: Barnes getting $22 mil and Dirk getting $28 mil would complete the bulk of the Mavs spending. So if you wanted Dallas to just "Do Something,'' there you go!)


The 6-8, 225-pound Barnes has pedigree; he was drafted seventh overall in 2012 out of North Carolina, and is a proven two-way player even with his inconsistencies. But not even Barnes is as "inconsistent'' as Dallas' policy here, as this very sort of player wasn't a max fit on a Friday but ... is considered one now.

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